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September 11, 2020

Upcoming Dates to Remember

~ Monday, September 14 ~
  • District-Wide Virtual College Fair Day (students may wear a college/military t-shirt with jeans, jean shorts, uniform pants/shorts)

~ Tuesday, September 15 ~

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month begins
  • National IT Professionals Day

~ Thursday, September 17 ~

  • FISD Future Ready Focus Day (students may wear college/military t-shirt with jeans, jean shorts, uniform pants/shorts)

~ Friday, September 25 ~

  • Henderson Spirit Day (students may wear a Henderson spirit shirt with jeans, jean shorts, uniform pants/shorts)
  • Happy Birthday Laci Browne

~ Saturday, September 26 ~

  • Happy Birthday Kristy Perkins

Principal Points

All of our staff has been trained with tools that will help our staff be more successful in reaching the youth of America and help them take their place as leaders. This specific training was called 'Capturing Kids Hearts.' The philosophy emphasizes that if we are to truly make a difference in the lives of our students, then we must have the keys that open the doors to their hearts and mind. Therefore, we must put relationships first, and then work with students to build their academics, as well as social emotional, and 21st Century skills.

Each morning, every teacher is greeting her students at the door or individual when they arrive, shaking their hand, and welcoming them into her classroom. That is one of the many small tweaks we are making to ensure that every student knows they are welcomed, loved, and in a school that cares about them.

Another tool that has been implemented in each classroom is the use of a social contract. The social contract is an agreement of behavior. The goal of this foundational tool is to create a self-managing group. The social contract is essential for building high-performing teams and can be used with any and all groups to reduce anxiety and improve the culture and performance of an organization. Each teacher lead the class through the development process of their social contract. The social contract is posted in the room, as the class references it daily.

This week, our Superintendent, Dr. Justin Terry, was visiting classrooms and was asked by a student to "sign" the social contract for the classroom. By signing the contract, you are agreeing to the contract and becoming an official member of the classroom culture. Check out his shout out this week on social media.

"This group of students made my day at Henderson Elementary. Awesome young man invited me into his class to sign their social contract. They explained what is was and how we treat each other. My favorite rule was to be a family. Amazing students! Amazing teacher, Tara Woessner! #forneyfamily @ Henderson Elementary School - Forney, TX"

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Next week is all about the future! Monday, Sept. 14 is the Forney ISD Virtual College Fair Day and Thursday, Sept. 17 is the first Future Ready Focus Day of the 2020-2021 school year! In addition, both days are also jean days with a college or military shirt day! We look forward to seeing all of our face-to-face students and virtual students as well as all of our teachers and staff members supporting their favorite college or military branch as they prepare for the future on Virtual College Fair Day and Future Ready Focus Day!


Forney ISD

Learning Option Changes for the 2nd 9 Weeks for Virtual Academy Students

Texas Education Agency allows Virtual Academy students the option to change their learning preference every grading period. If you are a Virtual Academy student wishing to return to onsite instruction for the 2nd 9 weeks, please login to Skyward, click “Online Forms” and complete the Learning Commitment form as soon as possible. The form in Skyward must be completed no later than Friday, Sept. 25 at 11:59 p.m. if you wish to change for the 2nd 9 weeks starting after fall break on Oct. 19.

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Trying to figure out what to do when your student is sick?

If your child stays home due to illness and they see a doctor who then decides to test them for Covid please use this link to self report. https://documents.forneyisd.net/Forms/FISD-COVID-Report

Why do you need to self report?

When you fill out the self report form for your student, a notification is sent to the campus nurse. When the campus nurse receives the notification, she will contact you to get more information regarding your student’s absence. This is for tracking and attendance purposes.

Did you know that if your child is home sick, he or she can log into the classroom Canvas page and be counted present for the day?

Face to Face students will log into Canvas, go to the content Canvas course, and click on "virtual learning". That will then direct you to select the appropriate grading period and week to view instructional materials. For example, for next week you would select "Quarter 1- Week 3." If you need help logging into Canvas/Google, check out the help documents under "Virtual Academy Resources" towards the end of this newsletter.
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You might be in luck!

We have a few yearbooks left from the 2019-2020 school year! If you'd like to purchase one complete the google form below. This will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Hard copies $25

Soft copies $20

You can pay via cash or check (checks must be written to Henderson PTO).

What's Happening Inside Henderson?

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Henderson Elementary has always been blessed with an abundance of volunteers on and off-campus. Although mom's tend to be the majority we've also had aunts, uncles, and grandparents that have taken the time to devote to volunteering. Although volunteering may look a little different due to COVID-19, we are still looking for volunteers! At this time we are quite restricted as far as volunteering at the school, but we are hopeful that within a few weeks that may change.

If you think you might be able to assist in some capacity please use the volunteer form button below to complete and submit your information.


Gifted and Talented Program

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Should You Refer Your Child for Gifted and Talented Program?

Starting in September, parents, guardians, and community members are invited to refer students for testing for GT services. These services are designed to meet the unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of gifted students. We encourage you to complete the checklist below to better determine whether or not your child may benefit from such services. Please note that while the statements below may be useful in guiding your decision in referring your student for testing, the decision to refer ultimately belongs to you.

Check if statement applies

  • My child is easily distracted by noises.
  • My child has a high energy drive.
  • My child has difficulty going to sleep at night.
  • My child fidgets often.
  • My child is incapable of sitting for long periods of time.
  • My child feels the need to touch everything they pass.
  • My child is overly sensitive to fabrics or clothing tags.
  • My child has an intense appreciation for what they deem beautiful (arts, nature, etc.)
  • My child can be overwhelmed by smells that most people wouldn’t notice
  • My child has strong opinions on foods.
  • My child often zones out, even when their attention is needed.
  • My child sometimes retreats into a fantasy world.
  • My child has trouble distinguishing their fantasy world from the real world.
  • My child has a quick sense of humor.
  • My child is capable is giving very detailed descriptions when telling a story.
  • My child has a vocabulary that is larger than other children their age.
  • My child can do math quickly in their head &/or began reading at an early age.
  • My child is a perfectionist.
  • My child is known to question authority figures.
  • My child gets upset when someone won’t/can’t answer all their questions.
  • My child’s feelings are easily hurt.
  • My child tends to be overly self-critical.
  • My child is overly concerned with what is fair or just.
  • My child seems to absorb the feelings of those nearby.
  • My child has physical reactions to intense emotions (anxiety causes stomach aches, excitedness causes increased urination).

If you checked 3 or more in any one section, then a GT referral is highly recommended.

From the Cafeteria:

We are starting to have students that are already maxed on their accounts. Forney ISD has set a limit of charges, so when a student gets to that limit, the student will be offered a fruit and milk at breakfast and a milk and cheese sandwich at lunch.

Please go in and check your child's account through Skyward. You can charge/debit on-line in Skyward. The cafeteria staff can also take cash and check here on campus, we just ask that it be delivered first thing in the morning so we can get it loaded in the account prior to lunch time. Checks for the cafeteria can be written to Forney ISD. Thank you for all your help!!!

Virtual Academy Resources

Should you have any questions regarding the Virtual Academy, please feel free to contact the grade level teacher, Mrs. Bell, or Mrs. Branch. Although the Academy is operated at the district level, we will work to support our Henderson virtual learners in any way we can.

Henderson Kindergarten Virtual Teacher:

Shelley Caldwell: slcaldwell@forneyisd.net

Ronda Orona: rkorona@forneyisd.net

Henderson First Grade Virtual Teachers:

Lisa Gutierrez: ldgutierrez@forneyisd.net

Britney Anderson: branderson@forneyisd.net

Henderson Second Grade Virtual Teachers:

Brandy Armstrong: blarmstrong@forneyisd.net

Kacie Walker: klwalker@forneyisd.net

Henderson Third Grade Virtual Teacher:

Lauren Kuhn (Crosby Elementary): lekuhn@forneyisd.net

Hollie Stewart (Criswell): hlstewart@forneyisd.net

Rachel Shoup (Criswell): rnshoup@forneyisd.net

Henderson Fourth Grade Virtual Teachers:

Wendy Baughman: wlbaughman@forneyisd.net

Kristi Perkins: kjperkins@forneyisd.net

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At Henderson, we live by a set of Forney Values that emphasize relationships, learning, perseverance, collaboration, excellence, individualization, and voice.

I strive to make sure that our families, students, staff, and community have an amazing experience at our campus. Below is a parent feedback form that will be on my newsletter each week. This is a great way to let me know if there are areas where we can improve, or if you want to brag on our staff and students. I look forward to partnering with you all on this journey!