Animal Defence

By: Lauren Froggatt

Animals in the wild

As you would guess, most animals need to have some sort of defense to survive in the wild. Like how a skunk sprays nasty spray at its enemy. Also, the Rattle Snake has a rattle at the end of it's tail. They use that to warn you that you need to step away. With the Rattle Snakes pray, it bites and sucks deadly venom into its blood. They prey then dies. When a human is bit, the Rattle Snake will not usually pump venom. But it still could, so be careful!

More Interesting Facts

I learned that the skink also had defense. If it's predator jumps onto its tail, It can detach it's tail. Creepy! It's the same story with the rest of the lizard family.

What the animals we talked about look like.

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