The HCS Child Nutrition Program

Newsletter November 2019

Director's Message:

Hello everyone! We appreciate your continued efforts and the great job that all of you do as foodservice professionals. Please enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and spend valuable time with your loved ones. Remember that this is an excellent time to reflect and give thanks to everything that is positive in your lives and the priceless relationships that you have with your friends and family. Enjoy your well deserved time off!! - H.Ward

HCS Child Nutrition Happenings!!

Happy Birthday!!

Sheila Shockley – 11/1

Vivian Turner – 11/1

Gwen Graham – 11/11

Margaret Russell – 11/13

Ruth Brown – 11/15

Martha Mangrum – 11/16

Tamika Herron – 11/29

Did you know?

90% of Districts to Exceed School Meal Whole Grain Mandate

ARLINGTON, VA (August 20, 2019) – Whole grains will remain a staple on school lunch trays across the country this fall, according to School Nutrition Association’s (SNA) recent survey of school meal programs nationwide. From whole-grain Asian noodle bowls to made-to-order gourmet salads, on-trend menu options will abound in the cafeteria, with students choosing from a wide range of customizable, clean label and ethnic menu options. The 2019 School Nutrition Trends Report also covers unpaid student meal debt.

Service Anniversaries

Semyra Acklin – 13 years

Wanda Akukwe – 13 years

Mitzi Brewer – 20 years

Ardette Fox – 14 years

Lynthia Hayden – 25 years

Tamika Herron – 14 years

Latoya Jennings – 21 years

Jennifer Jones – 2 years

Roshun Langford-Manning – 3 years

Ingrid Lawler – 6 years

Vivian Turner – 2 years

Supervisor of the Month - Mrs. Pam Majors at Monte Sano Elementary

Employee Spotlight! - Mrs. Ardette Fox

Ms. Ardette Fox works at Challenger Elementary and Middle School and has been with Huntsville City Schools for 14 years. She is originally from Denver, CO and will celebrate her first wedding anniversary in March. She has lived in several different places including Tulsa, Oklahoma, Texas, Holland, Paris, and Germany. Her favorite part about working for Huntsville City Schools Child Nutrition Program is her coworkers and getting to know her students. When she is not working she likes to go fishing, hang out in her woman cave, and walk her dog named Mimi. Her favorite type of music is R&B. Words that she lives by are to always trust God. If she was not working in CNP she would be traveling and she loves to do art. If she could be any fictional character she would be Mickey Mouse. Ms. Fox doesn’t like sports and she says the chore she absolutely hates doing is dusting. If she could meet anyone, living or dead, it would be her brother and her grandma. She says three traits that define her are crazy, eccentric, and funny. In five years she plans to be retired. Ms. Fox defines success as finding happiness.

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