The Migrant Microbiome Analysis Study

Dear Potential Research Participant,

We are conducting a research study to see if there is a link between the environment and the risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We are asking people with and without IBD to participate in this study. We will ask you to suggest family and friends without inflammatory bowel disease to participate.

Purpose: We are interested in examining risk factors for inflammatory bowel disease. We are particularly interested in studying how moving from one place to another (within the same country or internationally) and factors associated with moving affect risk of inflammatory bowel disease.

Participation: To participate, we ask that you complete the online survey found here: http://bit.ly/IBD-MIMAS

Confidentiality: The information that you enter will be kept strictly confidential and will be stored in a secure database that is only accessible by the Principal Investigator, Dr. Susan Hutfless and her team.

Incentive for survey: Upon completion of the survey, you will have the opportunity to enter a drawing to receive a $100 gift card. Once you and at least one person without IBD have completed the entire survey, your group will be entered into the drawing for each of you to receive $100. We will have 12 drawings for the approximately 600 groups that are estimated to participate, a 1 in 50 odd of winning.

If there is a problem with the online survey, please contact the Survey Moderator Dr. Elie Al Kazzi (ealkazz1@jhmi.edu) or the Principal Investigator Dr. Susan Hutfless (shutfle1@jhmi.edu) or call us at: +1 (410) 502 0194.

My team and I are dedicated to figuring out the environmental factors that affect inflammatory bowel disease. Please consider joining us.


Susan Hutfless, PhD

Assistant Professor

Director, Gastrointestinal Epidemiology Research Center

Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology

& Department of Epidemiology

Johns Hopkins University

600 N Wolfe St, Blalock 449

Baltimore MD 21287

+1 410 502 0194


If you have any problem with the bit.ly link, you can access the survey on the following seeding URL:https://mrprcbcw.hosts.jhmi.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=yd4Axc