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October 8, 2021

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Dear RQMS Families:

As we end the first quarter and enter Fall, it is a good time to plan for winter weather. Whether we are ready or not, it will come when we least expect it. Students should not arrive at school before 8:15 a.m.; there is not adequate supervision until that time. Students may enter the building at 8:20 a.m. to eat breakfast; otherwise, students are not allowed in the building until the first bell.

If the weather is inclement (20° F or below or excessively wet), students will be allowed to enter the building at 8:15 a.m. and wait in designated areas until time to go to class. There are also times when the temperature is fine, but due to excessive amounts of snow or ice, there’s no place to line up in the back of our building and requires us to be indoors. Wearing coats in middle school isn’t popular, I know, but the rest of the time we will be outside and students are expected to prepare accordingly.


Virtual Conferences are this upcoming week, with a few options on Monday, 10/18. If you haven’t already scheduled your time, please click HERE to access are our signup genius links to make your appointments.

To meet with all of your student’s teachers, you will need to schedule a minimum of three appointments: one for their core content teachers and one for each of their two explore learning classes. Additional appointments are also available for intervention and counseling.

Should one of our times not work for you, please reach out to your child’s Pathways teacher (for core content classes) or their exploratory teacher for an additional option to connect.

At your scheduled appointment, to access the virtual zoom conference, please go back to the sign up page found HERE and click on the zoom link below the link used for scheduling. You will then be directed to the zoom meeting.

In closing, we have historically displayed all lost and found items for families during conferences. With conferences being held virtually this year, we do not have this opinion. All found items are currently looking for their owners on a table in the main hall outside of the office. In morning announcements, we have reminded students to look for missing items. If your student is missing something, please remind them to double check. All unclaimed items will be donated to charity after October 15th.


Trina Norris-Buck, Ed.S.

Lead Learner/Principal


Parent Survey

As we continue to build our school and adapt to the changes in our world today, we would now like to ask for your feedback. We are committed to continual growth and providing a high quality learning experience. We believe in developing a strong partnership with parents and guardians to enhance learning. Our hope is that you will take a few minutes to complete this survey so that we can gather feedback on our school environment. Please help us understand what is working well and where we can do better for you and your student.

Picture Day Retakes

On Wednesday, October 6th, we had our fall picture retake day. If you are interested in placing an order for pictures, please go to my.lifetouch.com and enter the picture day ID: EVTB8BGSW. If your student returned purchased pictures for retakes, they will be delivered to the school within the next few weeks and given to students during pathways. We will communicate when this happens.

We have scheduled one additional day on November 17th to ensure all students have the opportunity to have a photo taken. This will be the last opportunity for this school year to have photos taken.

Board supports 5A and 5B with resolution

Recently the 27J Board of Education passed a resolution in support of the district’s mill levy override and bond issue proposals. The proposals will be on the Nov. 2 ballot for the communities the district serves in Brighton, Thornton and Commerce City.

In its resolution, the board highlighted the need for a mill levy override which would provide funds to add teachers for the district’s STEM/Career and Technical Education programs, and provide teachers with a reasonable pay increase in order to attract and retain quality staff. The proposal will appear as issue 5A on the ballot.

That request is for 8 mills which translates into $16 million and will cost $4.63 per month for every $100,000 of home value.

It was 21 years ago when the 27J community last approved a mill levy override request.

Ballot proposal 5B is a bond issue which will build new schools where schools are overcrowded, build a STEM/Career and Technical Education center at each high school, update technology and equipment, and update safety and security systems to keep schools and students safe.

The bond proposal comes with no tax increase.

In compliance with the Fair Campaign Practices Act, here is a pro and a con statement regarding the proposals. Pro for mill levy override: STEM/CTE courses need to expand so all students have access; teacher pay needs to increase to compete with neighboring districts and to attract and retain quality teachers for our students. Con for mill levy override: The employees of the district are making very good money and competitive with other districts. No amount of money will overcome the negative factors that have plagued our schools and society for decades. Pro for bond issue: More than 1,000 new students have enrolled in the last year making schools overcrowded. Enrollment is expected to increase another 7,000 - 10,000 in the next 10 years. Con for bond issue: Residential builders don’t even come close to paying their way. The district has been told of the need for year-round schooling for over a decade and that time to maximize the schools is now.

Yearbook Sales

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