30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

Delight Staff Battle to See Who Can Lose the Most Body Fat

The Battle Has Begun

A battle has erupted within the confines of the Delight Medical & Wellness Center. Where there was once peace and solitude, there is now destruction and a trail of broken friendships. Ok, so maybe it isn’t that serious, but the annual weight loss competition between Delight staff members is certainly heating up.

The 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge is back and this year’s rules are as simple as ever: Whoever loses the highest percentage of body fat over the next 30 days wins.

“The Challenge” pits last year’s winner Dr. Kerendian against Alexis, (our office coordinator) and Stephanie (our back office medical assistant). At stake? Big-time office bragging rights.

“There’s always been competitiveness between Alexis and I. You should see some of the Connect 4 battles we have over the iPhone.” says Dr. Kerendian, head physician for Delight.

Each participant has begun taking steps towards placing themselves in position to win the spirited competition. Alexis, (last year’s loser runner-up), has begun eating more vegetables and increasing her protein intake. The key, according to Alexis, has been her daily intake of the metabolic pack, “I feel great! I have so much energy thanks to the metabolic pack. With that extra energy I have enough in the tank each day to work out after work.”

With the added pressure of balancing work and school, Stephanie has had to get creative with how she sheds her pounds. “I’ve begun taking the stairs at work (6 flights), packing my own lunch instead of eating fattening foods from the deli downstairs, and completely cutting out all social drinking.”

While Alexis and Stephanie have made behavioral changes for the competition, Dr. Kerendian takes a more injection-based approach. “Prior to entering The Challenge I only took Lipotropic injections periodically. Now I do it weekly. I take a metabolic pack daily which helps me burn calories at a faster rate.”

The fat-burning injections has been a major component of each participant’s strategy. The injections of course speed up metabolism, burn fat, and offer increased focus and energy using all-natural solutions.

One would think that since each of the participants are colleagues The Challenge would be a friendly, cordial affair. Not so much.

Alexis has devised a strategy to exploit the Dr.’s primary weakness, “Occasionally I’ll bring candy bars into the office to tempt Dr. K. He has a major sweet tooth. It’ll be his downfall for sure.” When asked how confident of victory she is this year Alexis responded, “I eat a lot better than Dr. K and Stephanie doesn’t have enough time to work out. This’ll be an easy win for me.”

When asked what her chances were, Stephanie said plainly, “My age gives me a clear advantage. They’re old. I’m young. Therefore, I win.”

As the reigning champion, Dr. Kerendian is more diplomatic, “As staff members they know all of the behavioral tricks to weight loss. All three of us are taking meta packs and injections. In fact, I’m at a disadvantage since I’m taking Lipotropic injections and they’re taking the (more powerful) Trimtropic injections.

Geoffrey, the final member of the Delight Medical staff was asked why he wasn’t participating. His response: “I love my pop tarts too much. Wait, I mean “No Comment”.”

Even the general public has gotten in on the action. Delight Medical patients can vote online for who they think will win the 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Those that vote for the winning challenger may win free injections, meal replacements, or a host of other goodies. So now the question you have to ask yourself is, “Who do you think has what takes to win “The Challenge”?”

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