Civilian Conservation Corps

Lets put young men to work!!

Do a good deed young men for your country!

The Civilian Conservation Corp needs young men your are self motivated to have a good job and do the right thing for your country. You will recieve a thirty dollar pay for yourself and a twenty-five dollar pay for your family every month.

Who is qualified for for the CCC?

It was formed in 1933 to 1942 for unemployed men that was not married that was ages 18 to 25.

What will be built?

The CCC planted neraly 3 billion trees and constructed 880 parks that we still have today, they also updated most forest fire fighting methods, and public buildings and also they built mahor roads.

How many men will work?

There was close to 3 million men to work for the CCC, in which they were provided shelter, food , and clothing.

What was the CCC for?

It was fopr unemployed single men that was willing to work and want to support there family with a good paying job. The young men would work for the governemnt building public roads and buildings.