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Evan Hanrahan


In the NCAA tournament only four teams were left. One of them, undefeated Kentucky, 38-0, squaring off against Wisconsin. In the game Wisconsin was ahead during most parts of the game and was beating them in all aspects. But when it came to half time Kentucky made a run to tie at half.

Wisconsin started out strong after the half and made a lead. Then after continuos three pointers by Kentucky, they had a seven point lead over Wisconsin. When it wasn't looking good Wisconsin player Sam Decker hit a big time three and had two driving layups to even the game. With the momentum Wisconsin took control with three pointers and with their star power forward Frank "the tank" Kaminsky. At the end Badgers took control and knocked off the number one team 71-64. They did make 'em believe.

Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Wear Red

Aaron Rodgers was seen watching Wisconsin's trip in the NCAA. He was even showcased on the television screen a many times. There's only one thing, he's not wearing red. As Aaron Rodgers took an interview he said he won't wear red, he doesn't like the color. But he is supporting Wisconsin throughout their journey.

He has watched their games all up until the championship game when Wisconsin fell to Duke. Aaron said he loved watching Sam Dekker, saying some day he will be a star. As Wisconsin's tough loss is still apparent, their success is too. Just ask our star quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, he probably won't be wearing red.

Not A Sunny Day For Bay Port

Bay View students Steven Sevcik and Spencer Kring took on Notre Dame in a tennis match. The match took place at their home, Bay Port High School. Both Steven and Spencer were looking forward to their match all day. This is gonna be a match for the record books.

The ball was served, back and forth, back and forth the ball went. After a short period Notre Dame was beating them 4-0. Steven Sevcik and Spencer Kring didn't know what to do. They were volleying back all of their strong strategic hits. After the intense game, Sevcik and Kring got murdered 9-1. A ruthless effort by Notre Dame. Not a bright day for Bay Port.