John Rubado, Kyle Jones, Ben McMahon


During the Apartheid the south africans were affected greatly in a political way. One event that showed south africans were affected was that black leaders were silenced and put in prison by the white afrikaners. The government released some of ANC’s leaders, including Nelson Mandela. The primary goal of the ANC (African National Congress) was to stop segregation against blacks, which was banned until 1990. The SASO(South African Students Organization) put up a good fight against the apartheid system by breaking it down slowly in the 1970's.


The social effects of the Apartheid greatly affected the black south africans. During the Apartheid many acts were passed, they wanted to keep races segregated, but the whites got the better end of it. Also they would put blacks in state-run schools which only taught them the importance of keeping the races apart from each other. Policies banned interracial marriages, and forced blacks to live in designated areas and banned them the right to vote.


The economy during the apartheid greatly affected black South Africans. During the apartheid blacks were working in industries where whites recently worked, because the whites were used for war. 60,000 Africans had a strike on workers that lasted 3 months that increased the awareness of the potential power of the unions that could break down the government. Also because South Africa did not support the Apartheid the United States put sanctions on South Africa.

Causes and Overview

There were many causes of the apartheid on the political, economy, and social areas. The whites wanted to keep the Apartheid because with it the whites were getting all the rights and the blacks rights were getting limited everyday. The African police often killed or peaceful protesters

Impacts after the Apartheid ended

To this day there are still impacts on people in South Africa caused from the Apartheid.The apartheid was removed and Leaders such as Nelson Mandela were released from prison. After all was over, africa is still affected from the apartheid to this day.


During the Apartheid there were attempts to stop segregation against blacks in South Africa. The ANC renewed the resistance in 1912. South Africa was pressured to stop the Apartheid by other countries. Dr. Pixley Seme was a important leader in the beginning of this organization. Also the black students walked out of their classes in protest that lead to a lot of riots and hundreds killed during the Soweto Massacre