Golden Gate Bridge

-kirstyn goffinet

What is the Golden Gate Bridge?

The Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful bridge that stands in San fransico, California. Constructed in 1937, It was a portal to the gold country in the days of the gold rush. Many people of all ages and genders, have experienced the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. They state it's something everyone should experience in their lifetime.

Construction of the bridge

Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was hard work. The task seemed almost impossible due to the location with brutal winds, tide and fog. Since it was a dangerous job, all workers wore safety helmets, safety goggles, safety line, used special hand and face cream and even maintained a special diet to help with dizziness. The most important safety feature was a large safety net strung under the bridge which amazingly saved 19 men! Yet some were unfortunate. Even though things were rough building they bridge, they still got it done. A huge water-tight confers am was built and had hundreds of tons of cement pumped into it. By, 1935, the two towers were finished and cable spinning begun. The bridge was complete May 27, 1937.

What does it look like

The Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful landmark to many people who have seen it, I'd even describe it as a work of art. The Golden Gate Bridge looks like a VERY large, rectangular shape that is placed over a large beautiful bay. It has two rectangular towers that come to a point at the top, which have TONS of steel wire cables linking the two large towers together. The bridge uses a unique color called “International Orange,” which is a reddish-orange color. This fantastic color usually shows the best at night, where the bridge lights up so bright it almost looks like the beautiful city of New York. People who have visited the bridge describe it as, "a breath-taking experience!"

What is it like today?

Today the Golden Gate Bridge is a great monument in the United States. The Golden Gate Bridge itself is an inlet from the ocean that leads to a waterway system that's would take you to the gold fields (the entrance to San fransico bay) It symbolize the passage from San Francisco to where gold was originally found at Sutters Fort. Most of all the bridge stands as a symbol to San fransico , like the Effie's tower stands to represent Paris.

A great piece of art

The Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful monument. Today it still carries traffic from north to south and back. Even though there may not be much history to this bridge, it was hard work. The gold gate bridge is a massive piece of art in the United States , used by the community every day.

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