The Importance of Writing

By Cate Wiza

8th Grade English Class

Through out 8th grade English Class, I realized there would be a lot of work. But in the end it was worth it. Even though sometimes I wanted to throw my paper at Ms. Bolinski for giving me a sixty-eight on a paper. I've come to realization that without Ms. Bolinski giving me that sixty-eight I would've never recognized my mistakes. From my mistakes I've learned that proofreading will always be helpful and that passive voice is your worse enemy.

Why do people write?

I've never really thought too much about why people write, but in my perspective I think people write to let go for a little while. They put their emotions, stories, problems, and many other things on paper to release those thoughts. People also write for passion, there are many writers out there who write books and poems just for readers to enjoy. Writing can change someone's emotions, if someone is frustrated and they put those thoughts on paper, they can feel relieved and refreshed. Writing is almost like a person's therapy.

How I've Grown As A Writer

From day one, I've known that this last year of middle school English class was going to be important. I was going to use these skills for the rest of my school career and even possibly in a job. I started out with little knowledge of APA format and some proper grammar rules. But on June 12th, I'll be leaving passive voice behind and taking transition words and APA format with me.

How What I've Learned This Year Will Relate To My Future

In high school, I'll still be writing papers and it's important I still remember those skills that Ms. Bolinski taught me this year. Not only will I use my writing skills in high school but in college and even my future job. No matter what I'll never stop writing because there is no job or college that you will attend that doesn't want your writing.