Join us for some seasonal fun!

Friday, December 11th.

Winterland of Gingerbread and Ice Skating!

Come out to mingle with our school community at one of these Winterland of Gingerbread (WOG) events. These events feature a gingerbread village, so bring your own gingerbread house to add to the fun. Of course, you don’t have to bring a gingerbread house. Feel free to just enjoy the activities and treats, as well as other students’ creations. Ice skating is also a fun option!

Gingerbread Village

Bring a gingerbread house of your creation to add to the village, or just come to view the display! There are perks to bringing a gingerbread house though! Gingerbread house participants will have a chance to win one of 3 awards. Houses must be made by students.

Competition Guidelines

Students participating in a Winterland of Gingerbread event may submit their houses in one of three categories, based on their level of interest.


For those students who really get into the spirit of building gingerbread houses and who are a bit more competitive, there is the Crystal category. In addition to being judged on the design and appearance of their gingerbread houses, students will also be judged on a 100-word essay on why they chose their particular design, as well a photo journal that chronicles the construction of the house. The award given in this category will be the coveted “Winterland Crystal Award.”


This category is for those students who still enjoy the competitive nature of the Crystal category but don’t want to document their project or write an essay. Gingerbread houses in this category will be judged on their structure and appearance only. The top four gingerbread houses will receive a commemorative “Peppermint Choice Award.”


The Gingerbread category is for those students who want to enjoy the experience of building a gingerbread house and participate in the event but in a non-competitive category—students who just want to be a part of the fun! Every student who participates at this level will be entered in a random drawing for a “Sweet Gingerbread Award.”

NOTE: Gingerbread houses may only be submitted in one category.

Ice Skating

If you’re interested in strapping on some skates and twirling around the ice check out the locations and times below.

Eagles Ice Arena

Friday, Dec. 11th, 9-11am

6321 North Addison Street

Spokane, WA

$5.00 to skate!

Lynnwood Ice Center

Friday, Dec. 11th, 10am-12pm

19803 68th Avenue West

Lynnwood, WA

$9.00 for kids to skate (12 and under)
$10.00 (13+)

Bring your own skates and receive $3.00 off.

Highland Ice Areana

Friday, Dec. 11th, 10am-12pm

18005 Aurora Avenue North

Shoreline, WA

$6.25 to skate.

Bring your own skates and receive $3.50 off.

Sprinker Recreation Center

Friday, Dec. 11th, 10am-12pm

14824 C Street South

Tacoma, WA

$6.84 to skate.

Mountain View Ice Arena

Friday, Dec. 11th, 10am-12pm

14313 Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard

Vancouver, WA

$12.50 to skate.

Group discounts may apply.

Kent Valley Ice Centre

Friday, Dec. 11th, 4-5:30pm

6015 South 240th Street

Kent, WA

$12.50 for kids to skate
$13.50 for adults to skate

Group discounts may apply.


Friday, Dec. 11th, 7-9pm

1225 Civic Field Way, Bellingham, WA 98229

$7.50 for kids to skate
$8.50 for adults to skate

Bring your own skates and receive $2.50 off.

Bring a canned food and receive $1.00 off your admission.

All food will be collected and donated to a local food bank.