Solar system exploration

William Meline


Voyager 1 - 1977


The goal for the voyager 1 was to explore the outer layers of our solar system and discover as much as we can about our solar system

Technology used

The voyager 1 uses a phoneagraph,A satalite dish and cameras


The voyager 1 has discoverd so many moons like Io,Callisto,Ganymede,Amalthea and Europa and the voyager1 has also allowed us to see a close up on jupiter and Saturn and its rings

Additional information

The voyager launched on the 5th of September 1977.the voyager 1 weighs 722 kilos.the voyager 1 has been traveling for 36 years

William Hershel



William hershel was born in Germany on the 15 of November 1738 in a small Town called Hanover and he died on the 25th of August 1822 at a town in England named slough


William Hershel was a Astronomer and a technical expert

Main discovery

William Hershel discovered the 7th planet in our solar system and it's moons.he discovered Uranus on March 13 1781

Technology used

One night William Hershel was looking around the night sky with his HUGE telescope he noticed a small object slowly moving across the sky over several days.At first he thought it was a comet but over further observation he discovered it was a planet and he named it Uranus .

Contributions to knowledge

William Hershel has further extended our knowledge about the planets around us and with out him we probobly would not know about the planets around us