Jacob Allen

The Great Depression


  • The great depression was the stock market starting to crash during 1929.
  • During the great depression many people started to loss there homes and jobs.
  • 1933 was the worse year for the great depression because it was at its lowest point.
  • President Roosevelt had a program that would help people effected by the great depression by giving them new jobs in the economy.
  • Hooverville was were most of the people who lost there jobs went to.

Key Person: President Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt was the President during the Great Depression. During the great depression FDR started the "New Deal" a process that would help with the people affected by the great depression. He also started the Agricultural Adjustment Act also known as AAA.The AAA was a government act to reward farmers for they can get more money for the crops they grow and sell.

Important Events

  • Wall Street Crashed 1929 of September
  • Unemployment rate started to increase due to more banks closing down due to the stock market crash in 1931
  • Roosevelt was elected and started to help end the great depression