PCLS Learning & Teaching Update

April 10, 2016

PCLS Weekly News

Action Items

  • Forward complete set of signed handbook contracts to Sindy by Friday, 4.15.16
  • Please Read: PCLS PARCC Logistics Memo for what to expect with testing


  • Faculty Meeting - Monday, 4.11.16, 3:30 - 4:30, cafeteria
  • Read-a-thon & Reading Week this week
  • PARCC begins Tuesday, April 26 after break

Re-Teaching Expectations After Break

Teaching expectations, modeling, and re-teaching are strength areas of PCLS practice. There are excellent models throughout your classrooms of how you do this every day.

One of the key ideas in Responsive Classroom is the importance of teaching and reteaching expectations throughout the year, especially after breaks or holidays. With only 8 weeks left of school after April break, students are even more likely to forget, or push the bounds of, our expectations. At our Monday Faculty Meeting, we'll do some thinking together about how to support each other in re-teaching and re-establishing expectations. See below for some "seen around Cuffee" examples (there are TONS more), and some resources.

Quick Resource: Interactive Modeling

Here's a quick summary of interactive modeling, a strategy that's part of our Cuffee toolbox. Mostly a refresher.

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