The 7th Grade Skimm

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Quote of the Week

"I love carpool duty!" -said by every 7th grader ever.

When you ask your 7th grader what you did at school today and they say, "Nothing."....

During the first week in advisory, students set up their cubbies, picked class jobs and began our daily prayers. We also drew pictures of what character traits a model student in 7th grade has. During our class meeting on Friday, we discussed Morning Carpool Crew protocol, the rules regarding 7th grade dances, our new Middle School Green Slip, and our updated Think Sheet and BCNs. Please ask your 7th grader about this new information. They can show you all of these important documents on Schoology on the advisory class page. More direct and specific information for parents will come at Back to School Night.

The dance is coming up and as usual your 7th grader begs you to chaperone.....

  • Next week, 7Bonfils is the Morning Carpool Crew. 7Donaldson is in charge of the following week. Please arrive by 7:40! Weeks are assigned alphabetically based on the advisor's last name. Carpool Schedule

  • 7th Grade iPad Bootcamp is next Wednesday, September 9th: Students must bring a sack lunch (no California Fresh) and make sure the AUP and Parent Permission form for Online Account Creation are signed prior to the date. 7th graders should leave their iPads at home until Wednesday.

  • For all students playing sports: parents must sign a concussion form and return it to the Athletic department or their advisors as soon as possible.

  • The Mass of the Holy Spirit is Friday, September 25th. Students should try on those pants, shoes and white dresses to make sure they aren't too short or too small!

When your 7th grader talks about the English teacher, Mrs. Mercado, and you don't know who she is....

We are excited to introduce Mrs. Mercado who is joining the English department as a teacher for 6th and 7th graders. She is also an advisor to 7th grade students. She believes that a basic foundation of grammar and writing is crucial for living in today's world. She will be emphasizing these important skills throughout the year and collaborating with other teachers to make sure they are instilled in all 7th grade courses. She also believes in choosing books that will drive student interest.

She joins us after six years of teaching English to 6th-8th graders at St. Louise De Marillac in Covina. She is incredibly enthusiastic and eager to be part of the MJS community!

Mrs. Mercado is a lover of scary movies and can't wait for our school Harvest Festival!

Please contact us!

The 7th grade advisory team is here to make sure our students have a successful year! Please don't hesitate to send us questions.