ACTS 7th Grade News

October 12-16, 2015

Science - Mrs. Griffin

The students will begin working on the Ecology Unit 2: Soil and Water. The focus this week will be soil and water quality within the ecosystem. Students will have the Science Nine Weeks Test on the 16th of October. The students will be working with USA Test Prep to prepare for the test. Please continue to encourage students to check their Google Classes each night

Science - Mrs. Sexton

We will continue our study of soil next week. We plan to have our soil, water, and resources test on Tuesday. The district's nine weeks science test is scheduled for Friday. Students have notes for each of these tests. They should also review USA Test Prep and any Study Island lessons we have previously completed. Warm ups are a great source of review as well. The nine weeks test was taken from the USA Test Prep question bank, so it is most likely the best resource for preparing for that test. Students should be studying daily and should not wait until the last minute to study for either of these assessments.

Fall fundraiser orders and money is due on Monday, October 12th! We need everyone's participation!

Math - Mr. Smith

7th grade math students have a test on Tuesday (October 13th) on chapter 3 (percents). There are many study resources on your student's google classroom including tutorials and a practice test with answer key. This is the last test for the first nine weeks.

Your student received a letter this week describing the TenMarks program. This program provides standards based extra practice in the content we are learning now. Students will be able to earn extra credit points on their test by successfully completing this work. TenMarks will be the only extra credit provided this year. Please ask your child for this letter. Parents can sign up as well to track their chid's progress.

As we are coming to the close of the first nine weeks, all missing work must be turned in by Friday, October 16th. Missing work after that date will be recored as a zero. Check your child's powerschool grades for missing work.

Math - Mrs. McDaniel

See Mr. Smith's news

Wednesday, October 14th is a half day for students!

ELA - Mrs. Templeton

We will continue with story elements using works by Edgar Allen Poe. We will continue with our realistic fiction writings. Vocabulary test and homework areThursday. We will be writing a book review.

ELA & Social Studies - Mrs. Owensby

7th Grade SS will prepare for the Enlightenment Era test with a study guide and Kahoot review. We will also review and take the nine weeks test.

7th Grade ELA will work on summarizing and identifying the theme(s) of a story. We will review and take the nine weeks test. There will be no stems given this week.

Dance - Mrs. Brewington

7th dance focus: We began our unit on weight sharing and counterbalance which will be followed by a choreography project to test proficiency. Project will be due Oct 14-16. All makeup work is to be completed by Oct 16th or a zero will be documented in the grade book. Please encourage your child to bring Chromebook fully charged to class and check google classroom daily. We have assignments daily on the Chromebooks.

Drama - Mrs. Keenan

7th Grade Drama Focus students completed scenic designs for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" this week. They created both a ground plan and elevation with color and labels! Next week we will move into designing a costume for a character in the play.