Child Abuse

- Hannah Schelling

A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds.

In the US, over 6 million children are effected by abuse each year.

In Nebraska, over 5,169 children are effected by abuse each year.

How abuse effects children:

Abuse can affect children in many different ways. While the effects of abuse can be severe and long-lasting, but other children who have been abused or exposed to violence often think it is normal. If they have been abused their whole life, it is a normal thing for them.

Children exposed to violence or abuse are at an increased risk for emotional and behavioral problems in the future. Children who are abused sometimes struggle expressing their feelings safely, and may develop difficulties handling their emotions and feelings.

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Common Effects Of Child Abuse:

  • ~ Anxiety
  • ~ Depression
  • ~ Dissociation
  • ~ Flashbacks
  • ~ Difficulty sleeping
  • ~ Difficulty concentrating
  • ~ Academic problems
  • ~ Self-harm
  • ~ Eating Disorders
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    How can this problem be prevented:

    To prevent this problem, or at least reduce the amount of children being effected by abuse, we need to let everyone know that ABUSE IS NOT OKAY.

    NOBODY DESERVES ABUSE. We need to educate people about how they can get help, as well as how important it is to turn in a case if you expect abuse... YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE.

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    What I Learned From Adult Living:

    Adult Living has been one of my favorite classes that I have taken at KHS. It has taught me a lot about all kinds of relationships, as well as teaching me about several other things that improve my communication with others!

    One thing I really enjoyed about the class is the guest speakers! I thought that was an incredible way to learn about the help centers that Kearney offers. It really inspired me to learn more about those kind of jobs. After college, I want to go into social work, and hearing from the "Safe Center" and "Family Advocacy Center" really interested me. They are both types of things that I am interested in learning about for a future job.

    Mrs. Vest is honestly one of the best teachers I have had at Kearney High School. Her positive, happy attitude spreads in the classroom, and she makes learning fun. I enjoyed the way she teaches and I am so glad I signed up for this class. I really enjoyed Adult Living because it was not only a helpful class, but a very enjoyable class. I really enjoyed the activities and topics that we went over.

    I really enjoyed this final project, I am proud of the result and the hard work I put into making this the best to my ability.