El Salvador Brochure =-)

By: Cassandra Hazen

Land and Climate

1. El salvador is just smaller than Isreal.

2.El salvador has over 200 inactive volcanoes

3.El Salvadors capital San Salvador lies at the foot of the volcano called San Salvador

4. Some rainstorms that hit this country can last for days.

History and Goverment

History and Goverment

1. In 1871 a constitution was made marking the true birth of the country.

2.The FMLN was named after the executed leader of the 1932 Rebellion.

3.For years violence occured,killing 75,000 people.

4.A peace agreement was declared in December of 1992,followed by huge celebrations.


1.El Salvador is one of the weakiest economies due to violence and natural disaesters.

2.Coffee is the #1 export and the most important one.

3.El Savador got the U.S. dollar as its currancy in 2001.

Vacation Plan

Day 1. Fly from Chicago to Houston, Houston to El Salvador. Devil's Door.

Day 2. Paque Nacional El Boqueron.

Day 3. Joya De Ceren Archaelogical Site.

Day 4. Cinquera Rain Forest Park.

Day 5. Lake Coatepueque.

Day 6. Iglesia El Rosario.

Day 7. Fly from El Salvador to Houston, Houston to Chicago


Travel Cost: 1918$

Lodging Cost: 522.72$

Meals/Snacks Cost: 720$

Activities Cost: 1165

Shopping Cost: 2461


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