Chapter 15.2

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter Section

Key terms:

  • Consumer movement-Consumers united to demand fair treatment from businesses and to fight against unfair business practices.
  • Fraud- Deception of consumers by providing false information in an effort to make a sale.
  • Guarantee- A promise by the manufacturer or dealer, usually in writing, that a product is of a certain quality.
  • Express Warranty- A warranty that is made orally or in writing and promises a specific quality of performance.
  • Implied Warranty- A guarantee imposed by law and is understood to apply even though it has not been written or stated.

Consumer Bill of Rights-

  1. The right to be informed.
  2. The right to safety.
  3. The right to choose.
  4. The right to be heard.
  5. The right to a remedy.
  6. The right to consumer education.
  7. The right to service.
Key Concepts:

  1. It is false that the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission is responsible for regulating the safety of food. Instead, they are responsible for regulating the safety of inedible products.
  2. It is false that an implied warranty is usually printed in the owner's manual of a product. Implied warranties are not usually stated.
  3. A person who compares product information on labels is the consumer right to be informed.
  4. If a person returns an item as new for a refund after using it, this violates the responsibility to be honest.