Physicist: Educational Path!

By: Josh Wittenburg

Educational choices

I would strive to get a doctoral degree. Classes to get my specific career would include, calculus, dynamics, biology, electromagnetic fields etc.

Training School and/or College

Yale University in New Haven Connecticut.

I chose this college for its location and because it is a private school.

Some Pictures of Yale!

In 2012 The Acceptance Rate For Yale Was Only 6.8%!

Academics/Yale Info

ACT: 28 or higher,

SAT Scores: 1340 or higher!

GPA: 3.5 to 4.0

Teacher To Student Ratio: 1:6

About My Career

As a physicist I am required to study matter and energy. Most physicists specialize in a subfield and they also use a computer A lot. Most work alone and have a doctoral degree. I would have about a 40 hour work week and can take up extra hours if wanted and/or needed.

Starter salary is around $60,000 and as I become more experienced I can make upwards of around $150,000 to $165,000.

What Factors Affect Employment for This Job?

Getting a job in my chosen field isn't a problem but there are problems like paying for my doctoral degree. Plus the six years of waiting I have to risk to earn my degree for my specific field.
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*ORBITEC in Madison Wisconsin

Telecom Engineering inc Golden Valley MN

Lake Region Medical Chaska MN

LIGO Richland WA


I am not to sure I would enjoy or do this job everyday. Pros: high pay good hours Cons: need high degree, expensive to go to college for specific job for my interest level