Friday's late night coffee chat

Friday June 12, 2015

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TGIF Golden Gems!

Summer is here. In my house, summer is marked with a big transition of schedules! My mindset becomes an important part of making this transition a smooth one! Summer also marks another season. Tis the season for PLANTING seeds and watching your gorgeous flowers grow!

Just like our gardens, our businesses need nourishment and positivity to continually grow and SPROUT! We may have a week where we see no change, no responses, but then the magic happens! SEEDS SPROUT and your business soars! This business is all about making connections, sticking with them and following through. Keep believing that YOU are planting SEEDS everywhere YOU GO!

Who are you planting seeds with this week??? We have 2+ weeks left to Stella & Dot's hoopla calendar year. How you will wrap up your June??


XO Gina

Welcome to our newest stylists!!

June is an incredible time to join Stella & Dot with our $199 rebate offer! Welcome to these smart ladies who have taken the plunge in June to join our crew! We look forward to celebrating them launch their businesses soon!

  • Christa Mallay of St. John's NL welcomed by her upline Pam Meester
  • Melanie Pimento of Pawtucket RI welcomed by her upline Jillian Wells
  • Amanda Burt of Goose Bay, NL welcomed by her upline Leslie Saunders
  • Rebecca Holmes of Oshawa ON welcomed by her upline newbie Christa Mallay
  • Erin Veinot of Middleton NS welcomed by her upline Angie Dorey

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Team Facebook Chat! Prospecting Power week!

Tuesday, June 16th, 7-8pm

This is an online event.

With 2 weeks left to Stella & Dot's incredible June Sign Up Rebate Offer, let's connect over sharing our joy for this business and building your team!

Meet online with our team in this Facebook chat room!

Kudos to our May 2015 PROMOTIONS!

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Kudos to our May 2015 TOP IN SALES!

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Kudos to our May 2015 TOP IN SPONSORING!

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Kudos to our May 2015 TOP IN # TRUNK SHOWS HELD!

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4 days left of Dot Dollars!

Dot Dollars are HERE! Great tool for booking shows! The MOST important thing for YOU as a Stylist is to understand HOW they work!

Please watch FAQ video in Stylist Community in the Lounge:

Refer to Dot Dollars Program details & FAQs in Stylist Community in the Lounge:

1. For every $50 you spend from May 15, 2015 through June 15, 2015; you earn $25 Dot Dollars.

2. On June 25th, you will receive an e-mail directing you to your Stella & Dot Account Page where your promo codes will live. Each code represents a $25 Dot Dollars award.

They must SPEND $50 to use one $25 code, etc. (Example--If they earn 3 Dot Dollars ($75) then they must shop and put $150 worth of merch in their cart and then they can take off $75 with their Dot Dollars). It's like earning half priced shopping!

3. You can apply $25 Dot Dollars to every $50 you spend between June 25, 2015 – July 2nd, 2015, 11:59PM PT. Exclusions apply.

This is HUGE for our business!

BOOK UP YOUR TRUNK SHOW PIPELINE and use this tool for BOOKING! You get way bigger BANG FOR YOUR BUCK by doing a Trunk Show than selling on the go!

Congrats to these ladies for earning her SHINE BRIGHT t-shirt by selling $1500 pqv in May!

Gail Gorski Cushing

Gina Bogda
Dana Fellows
Michele Brennan
Pamela Meester
Tami Btj Jardinella
Nandini Mathur Collins
Amy Russoniello
Angie Sanford Dorey
Britani Forbes Hofmann
Samantha Dorf
Madhu Bhawnani Dutta
Leslie Saunders
Melanie Horton Fink
Jennifer LaGrasso
Holly Homsher Morgan
Millie Pampaloni
Elizabeth Haggie
Sherry Godin
Amarea Greenlaw