Car Vinyls

Designing car paints, and special types of car designs.

The Company

Here at "King of designs" we design and do a lot of things with cars. We provide a great environment for all of our employees and customers. We do designs for cars everywhere from mini coopers to big SUV's, there is really no limit for our creativeness.

Job Titles

There are a variety of jobs here mainly there is. Secretary, you can be a floor worker, mechanic, tool operator, or a vinyl/paint specialists. We offer very good worker's compensation if any of our workers get hurt during the job. Your hourly wage will be anywhere between $30-60 depending what job's your are doing. We are open every day of the week at 8am-10pm.

Education requirements & Work requirements

For this job you will have to have a typical diploma from your high school career. And you will also might need a Master Degree depending on what job you are pursuing. Typically i want all of my workers to always come to work with a good attitude and want them to always treat costumers fairly no matter what.


Applying is very simple you can go to our website ( and you can apply there. Our you can just come down to our shop and get an application done.