The Weekly Update

BMS 9.16.16

The Weekly Update 9.16

Dear BMS Staff,

A wise person once said, "I am not afraid of change. I am more afraid of staying the same."

I appreciate all of your enthusiasm during our first student late arrival day on Wednesday. Through our learning strand work this year, I hope that we are able to explore, discover, and meaningfully learn together. I encourage you to challenge yourself to take educational risks this year. Be forward thinking. Try to blend in technology. Give that lesson that you have thought about a shot. Provide a choice for your students. Step outside your comfort zone. You have outstanding colleagues, thoughtful coaches, and supportive administrators behind you. I want you to feel energized by the power that you have in the classroom. Make this year your best yet regarding your instruction. Try to make one small change in order to meet the needs of your students. You got this!

Learning extends beyond the classroom-especially for our 7th graders who participated in Outdoor Ed this week. I know that this is a memorable experience for our students AND our staff. Thank you to Paul and Andrew for all of their efforts in making this trip well as all of our staff members who helped chaperone the event.

Thank you for all of your work this week. You certainly deserve the weekend. Enjoy.


In School Suspension Position

A new position across the three middle schools has been created. Please welcome Brian Sulda as the new Middle School In-School Suspension Assistant. If we have (or other schools) have an in-school suspension, the priority will be for him to travel to the school of need regardless of the schedule. If not needed in an ISS capacity, he will work as an assistant for the school where he is scheduled. Jason will be the primary person who works with Brian.

With Senate Bill 100, all Illinois schools need to take a critical eye to their discipline procedures especially out of school suspensions. At Bryan, we want the consequences of discipline to be reformative not simply punitive.

POP IN like it's HOT

Thank you to Tara and her family for our popcorn treats and getting our movement started.

If the popcorn wasn't enough to get you moving, think about these questions to encourage you to POP.

  • Why do your students come back stinky from PE? Go check out the new PE personalized card system and see if you can figure it out.
  • How can you blend some stronger visuals into your English classroom? Go pop in to Art and find out.
  • Will your students ever get it together and understand fractions? Go pop into a different math class and see.
  • Where does Bobby Fisher play chess all day? Go pop in to room 23 for the tournament of champions.
  • Where is that music in the hallway coming from? Go pop into one of the big heavy doors in the choir or band room.
  • Say what? Beth McDonald has a private bathroom in her classroom? Is the rumor really true? Go pop in her classroom and check it out.


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Parent Teacher Conferences

Please schedule your breaks for PT conferences as they are around the corner. FYI, UA conferences will be with Term A families. If you have any concerns, please come see me.

District Communication Protocol

Our District Leadership Team (DLT) has created a protocol for communication within the district. Please refer to this form if there is confusion about the process of communication. As always, if there is a concern, please see me first and if I can't answer it, I will find the answer for you. If we cannot find a satisfactory resolution, then we would use the protocol. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Wellness Screening

Our annual Wellness Screenings are scheduled for the end of October. Dates and locations for the 2016 Wellness Screenings are listed here. Flu shots are included at no cost to the employee. Go to, click on ‘Register/Login,’ and enter in program code3106Elm89 in the ‘New Participants’ box.Sign up is open now!

Wellness Screenings will take place on October 25th at Bryan Middle School!


Please knock those training modules out soon.

Wizards Event

Juene and Jeremy will be representing our BMS team at the Wizards Event. Erin and Jason will also be there supporting the team on Thursday, September 29th! WHO HOO!

Data Reviews: Coming Soon!

Jackie, Megan, Lisa, Julie, Laura and I will be working through our first round of data reviews. The coaches will be reaching out to team leaders next week to begin to schedule data reviews with your grade level teams. Stay tuned.

MAP results will be emailed to parents next Friday, September 30th.

The Upcoming Week...

Tuesday: SST

Wednesday: SLT-Team Leaders and SSS ONLY

Thursday: Lockdown Drill AM

Jason and I will be headed to district for a 2:30 meeting.

Friday: AM Faculty Meeting

Future Events

9.24-PT Conference Break Blocking Due

9.29-Color Portrait Retakes @ 1:00

9.29-Wizards Event

10.25-York 8th Grade Open House

11.14-Erin's Law Presentations

Evaluation Updates

For all staff: All of the documents needed for your evaluation cycle are posted on the INTRANET. Once on the intranet, click on Human Resources and the certified staff evaluations will be linked on the left hand side.

For non-tenured: There is something NEW this year. By looking at the "Certified Educator Performance Evaluation Implementation Timeline" given to you on Institute Day, you will see that non-tenured certified staff must submit their completed Danielson-based Self Evaluation for pre-assessment by September 25th. Using this document, you would highlight where you believe you are starting the year in each domain/sub-domain.

By January 29th, you will complete a 2nd Self-Evaluation highlighting where you believe you are in each domain/sub-domain upon reflection. Tenured staff in their summative year will complete the self-evaluation by January 29th as part of the summative process.


Please caution that Jim W has mentioned that some of the forms did not download properly. Please check your forms carefully. He is working this weekend to rectify this issue.

Where do I find this?

  • For more "procedural" information, please refer to the BMS 2016-2017 Staff Information/Handbook found in the G Drive.
  • Refer to the district website/intranet for evaluation forms.
  • Ask! :)
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