Raspberry Pi Media Center

Tim Golding

Raspberry Pi Media Center

This page will eaxplain how to build a media center out of a raspberry pi.

some things that you will need to build a raspberry pi media center are

  • Raspberry Pi Board Model B ($35) (US Supplier 1 / 2 )
  • HDMI cable ($3-5)

  • SD Card (at least 8GB preferred, ~$12)
  • Micro USB Cellphone Charger ($3-5)
  • USB Keyboard/Media Center Remote ($20)
  • Raspberry Pi Board Case ($12-50 for commercial models / $0 for DIY models)

  • Raspbmc Installer

  • The first you need to do is install Raspbmc

    to do this you need to download the automated installer to download the network image and flash it to your SD card.

    Know extract it to a temporary safe location and. insert your SD card in the computer and run the setup.exe than press accept.

    Know you will see the Raspbmc Installer pane, you will need to select your SD card from the list.

    Know you need to accept the license agreement bye checkign the last box in the available list.

    If your installing with a wireless network you need to check the "manually confiure networking" and fill in the appropiate entries in the resulting pop-up box.

    Know you have done that press Install this may take a long time.

    In the previous step, we prepared the SD Card with the installer image. now we're going to use that to download the newtwork image of raspbmc via the actual raspberry pi unit.

    Get your Raspberry Pi and plug in the peripherals (not the power cable) insert the Raspbmc SD card and than plug in the power cable to start the boot proccess

    wait for the confirmation on the screen that the network has connection successfully

    After there will be a few more notifications and than you will se this.

    this will probably take 15-30 minutes to download and unpack the image. once it finishes downloading and unpacking, the installation proccess will begin.

    After watching several of the many progress bars, the system will reboot itself, you’ll sit through a few more progress bars, and then after an additional two reboots you’ll be dumped into the Raspbmc GUI.

    Once you're actualy in raspbmc there a few configuartions tweaks we'll neeed to make

    First select your language and your timezone

    Second Add some sources, Whether you’ve opted to attached a hard drive directly to your media center or you’re streaming your video over the local network from a media server, you’ll need to add some sources. Navigate to Video -> Files -> Add Videos to begin adding source locations (you add both local and networked sources from this location).

    Third Adding in DVD/MPEG playback: If your media collection is stored in mostly more modern codecs like h.264, you might consider skipping this step.