Belair Culture Team Meeting

Monday, February 1 - 8:10 AM (Dempsey's Room)

"We Are Family : A Musical Message for All"

How Do We Create a Stronger Sense of Community/Family at #701?

Agenda for Meeting

I really want to walk away from the table with some solid ideas and plans of how to promote community, culture, and family at #701 - not just outside of school BUT what are some things we can do inside the school day to have fun too!

Here are some topics we need to address, but also talk with your co-workers about some ideas they have so that we can plan out the next couple of FUN months!! Think outside the box!!!

  • Soup'er Bowl (next Friday) I have to do for Wellness
  • Animal Shelter fundraiser & come up with another way to raise money through culture support not Club

  • Wine and Art Night for teachers
  • Basketball March Madness Bracket
  • Lucky You idea (like the snow drift but with lottery tickets or anything lucky-maybe fill out of survey for people to put their favorite food, drink, collectible, must haves, etc.)
  • Spirit Day (Rise and Shine will come up with the days, if you come up with the week)