Follow-Up: September 7, 2021

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Mission Progressing Together Meeting - English

Questions and Answers Section


  • Thank you for these informational meetings

  • I would like to congratulate the district for providing us with good programs and keep us informed on our children's education. This Dual Language immersion program is very interesting and useful for the whole family.

  • I like that they use the second language to enrich the education of our children, even if they have not been employed in Third Grade, my son is with Mrs. Rodriguez and she speaks only English in her group has helped my son a lot since he did not want to use English for anything.

  • I would like you to implement sports in elementary schools


  • For students who are struggling, if they are attending school on Saturday, will they have English support? (talk it and read also)
    Students are with the language acquisition group at Saturday school. They can also stay for after-school tutoring with Mrs. Veloz on the dates identified. Ms. Veloz offers tutoring for language acquisition and for the EOC in English. Both tutoring sessions are good because students must take the EOC.


  • Are there songs sung also in bilingual? I feel my child learns best when he sings.
    Research shows that the use of a variety of strategies, such as songs, use of technology, colorful visuals, and hands-on activities assist with learning a new language. Yes, sing-alongs play a role in language acquisition, especially with our younger students.


  • Speaking of technology, and due to the increase in cases of COVID-19, are there true that we will return to virtual classes very soon?
    San Elizario ISD is presently only offering in-person classes.