Celebrating Fifty Years of Excellence - November 12, 2015

Great STEM Night!

A HUGE thanks to our STEM PLC and specifically Heather Bridges for making STEM night engaging and exciting for our students. I asked several parents if they preferred this event instead of our traditional curriculum night. Overwhelming response was supportive of our STEM night. One parent stopped by at the beginning and looked in classrooms then told me he was leaving to get his kids from soccer practice so they could participate. He followed up later and said they loved it! Great job!

Redistricting Parkview Cluster

Wednesday night, Sandy Carroll and Patti Martinez (parent) represented Mountain Park Elementary on a district committee to learn about new school boundary lines for the school year 2016-2017 and expectations to share this information with our community.

The map of the proposed boundary lines for Mountain Park is in the front office conference room. This information will go public Monday morning so I ask that you do not share this information within our community until Monday. However, I wanted you to be aware before this gets pushed out on our website and everyone starts talking about it through social media.

We will discuss this briefly at our staff meeting next Tuesday. A public meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 1 at 6:00 PM in the MPES Cafeteria to share this information and ask for input. The finalized boundary lines will be approved by the GCPS Board in January.

Transportation Changes

Please remember to check your email at the end of the school day and notify students if there are any changes. If a substitute teacher is here, the front office calls to the classroom if needed. Thanks for taking care of this so we do not have to interrupt your classroom.

Gradual Release of Responsibility

In order to provide you with background knowledge and not waste your time at our staff meeting on Tuesday, I have included some graphics below that will help you understand what the district is asking us to do in terms of our instructional framework. As we talk through the Gradual Release model on Tuesday, I want you to think about your workshop model currently being implemented and prepare to identify any similarities or differences. Also, think about how your lesson plans align with this model. Tuesday will be day one of an extended conversation about how this model will look in Mountain Park classrooms.
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Principal for a Day

Our Principal for a Day, Mr. Bernard Ethridge, will be here Thursday. I would ask that we observe a "no jeans" day while he is here (several jeans days coming soon I promise...).

I will be walking him through classrooms all day. If you would like him to participate by reading to your class or participating in other ways, please let me know so I can schedule a time. Thanks.

TLC Thursday

Grade Chairs,

Please email me any agenda items for our meeting Thursday. Thanks.

Draft Agenda:

1) Redistricting

2) Gradual Release Model - follow-up from Tuesday

3) PBIS - next steps

4) Grade level concerns


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