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R Sanders block 7


I am making this portfolio to keep all of my writings in a place where i can't possibly lose it. This is going to show how creative I can be and what I am capable of. Keeping a portfolio will benefit me in ways I don't know right know.

6 word memoir

Came to fourth grade plague prone

Essay Reflection

I think my first essay will be my worst this year but they will get better as th year goes on. I think my structuring wans't the best and I can do better on selling you on my topic. I would change how I started it of .But I think my ending was very good. Overall it was a ok essay.

About Me

My name is Ryan Sanders.I think I can be very charazmatic and full of energy. I enjoy playing football and basketball. Of course I am in the 10 grade at Varina High School. if you want to know more just come ask me.

Quote #7

"If your house is on fire, warm yourself by it"- spanish proverb

i like this quote becuase it tells you too make the best of what you have in all situations

Antigone character BioPoem


I am young intelligent and respectful

son of creon and the queen

lover of justice and antigone

who feels to put himself to death for others

who needs to be heard

who fears his father is chaotic

who gives his respect resident of Thebes



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