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The Property type permit in the Latvia

For many outlanders the obtaining of Bид на жительство в Латвии (Property Type permit in Latvia) is a vital issue. The residence permit offers visa free movement in all countries of the Schengen Agreement, the authority to work in Latvia, rid schooling in the Latvia and the authority to execute the visa invitations for family members of relatives.

Temporary Bид на жительство в Латвии (Property Type permit in Latvia) can get by financiers and their family members - minor children, spouses and persons, who are in the care of the financier. The period of temporary residence permit Latvia preparation - from 1 to 3 months. At the beginning the residence permit shall be generated in consular offices outside the Republic of Latvia for a duration of one to five years (relying on the purpose of acquisition). After 5 years you may obtain permanent residence permit Latvia.

Latvia is beneficially situated on the border of Western Europe countries. In the north it borders along Estonia, in the east along the Russia, in the south with Lithuania and Belarus, and in the West it is washed by the Baltic Sea, which caters direct use to the Scandinavian nations. Flying on an airplane, for instance from Kiev or Berlin, Riga to Moscow, takes only an hour and a half. So if the issues will need your quick presence in any portion of Europe, you can be there in 24 hours.