Counting Fish

Numbers 1-10

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Counting numbers 1-10

Grade Level

Counting numbers 1-10 great for Pre-K up to first grade

Essential Question

Can students verbally count to 10 and recognize the correct number picture?

Content Question

1. Can the student:
  • Count verbally 1-10?
  • Recognize the numbers 1-10?
2. Using the glog were students able to play the numbers games?
3. Were students able to achieve 100% when connecting the dots? If not how high did they score?

Lesson Summary

Using the glog students will watch a counting video, play counting games and be quizzed on how well they can connect the dots 1-10.

Learning Outcomes

After students use the glog to help them learn about numbers 1-10, they are expected to know how to:
  1. Count verbally from 1-10
  2. Recognize the numbers 1-10
  3. Count the fish and then match it to the correct number image.
  4. Connect the dots to make the image of a bird appear, getting a 90% or higher on all 3 quizzes.


  • Open the glog and have it displayed on the smart board in front of the class. Play the counting video and encourage the students to count along with you.
  • After the video, give each student the handout of the fish order. This is to ensure they know exactly what order they are to go in while playing the games on the glog (it also has a spot for their name and a place for you to write what they got on the connect the dots quiz at the end).
  • Since we have a limited number of laptops/ipads have the students work in pairs of two. Allow the students 5-7 minutes to play ONLY games 2 (Dori) and 3 (Flounder).
  • If you wish to play background music while they are on the laptops I have added a song to the glog. It is the pink play button above the video located at number 1.
  • After 5 minutes notify the class they only have a few more minutes left.
  • One by one have the students come to you and play the 3 connect the dots game. Number 4 (Nemo). Write their score on the fish order sheet (under Nemo) for all three quizzes.
  • If anyone finishes before 7 minutes Have them raise their hand and let you know they are ready to quiz out with you.
  • Once the student finishes all areas in the glog (numbers 1-4) they can sit at a table to color a connect the dots picture to take home.
  • *Note- If students aren't able to get a 90% on any of the quizzes, have them do all 3 again with you and write their scores down.

Approxmite Time Needed

10-15 minutes

Prerequisites needed

Students will need prior knowledge of the number order 1-10.
They also need to know how to work an iPad and mouse on a laptop

Materials Needed

Smart Board
Sound System to play the youtube video and background music
Fish order handout
*Connect the dots worksheet and crayons- only needed if student finishes all sections of glog and has extra time.

Special Accommodations

Special Learners
While working with their partner on the glog you find it's too difficult for them to follow, have them work on the following games on the Ipad. They are counting games to 5.
youtube video-
connect the dots- us this glog for worksheet
Non-English Speaking
Have them watch the following video based on their native language
They should be able to play the games with the other students since the number images are the same. They might just need help translating directions.
Advanced Students
If the student quickly goes through numbers 1-10 and get all the quizzes right (100%) have them work alone on a laptop or IPad working on numbers 1-20. They can watch this video and play the next 3 connect the dots games on number 4 (Nemo) on the glog.

I have added connect the dots worksheets based on the students level on this glog.

Student Assessment

After the students watch the video and play the two games for counting numbers 1-10, I will have them come up to me one by one and we will play the connect the dots game (number 4 Nemo). They will have three chances to get 100%. I will record their score on the fish order sheet. Once the student has completed all areas, I will have them sit at the desk with crayons and give them a connect the dots worksheet to color and take home.

Grading Rubric

I have printed out the grading rubric for you, if you need more copies, it is located in this glog under attachments (top right corner paper clip icon)