AIESEC Dallas - Week Two Surprises

Recruitment Challenge(Cash Prizes)- New Website - New Slogan

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Last Week was a Success

SP Consulting went great yesterday and we learned so much Samir through simulations and proposing our own solutions to a case study~

Our 3 Alcon TN's started work yesterday after an excellent week of reception!

With these 3 realized, we are officially General Members. Full Independence - Our own MC bank account with solid finances - Recognition as one of the top 10 LC's in ICX - The launch of our OGX program - And lastly, we never have to worry about being disbanded ever again.

So let's get down to what's new this week

- A new slogan!

- A whole new website!!

- Lastly, who wants a $50 Visa Gift Card??

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A New Slogan

AIESEC has had an identity crisis; it's been difficult to describe AIESEC in a concise way and the old slogan of us as an "Experiential Leadership Development Platform" really didn't help.

So at International Congress, AI has announced a change to that slogan to something so simple, yet so all-encompassing: We are a Youth Leadership Movement!

This can have such a positive impact on how we brand ourselves. So now when someone asks you: "What's AIESEC?", you'll know where to start~

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A New Website

Guess what? Strikingly, a web design service, gave 6 months of their pro service to all AIESECers for free at SNC.

I started testing it out for replacing our old, bland site. Then I started really enjoying it and out came something beautiful:

Check it out! Love it! Share it!

Finally, we have something where we can post events, flyers, OGX programs, testimonials, and more, all through a beautiful splash page that we can easily direct anyone to!!! Yessss ^^

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Recruitment Challenge - Cash Prizes

What goals, if achieved, would make you proud to be a part of this LC?

To meet those goals we need people, meaning we need an epic recruitment.

Factoids you'll need to know...

- Our application period will close in two weeks, on Sept 17th

- We're looking to recruit 11 to 15 new members

- To select that out of the best group, we'll need 30 to 40 applications

- Our application is on

- Our Info Sessions will be held on Monday Sept 14 and Tuesday Sept 15, 7:00 PM

The first step is to post on Facebook with really cool media like the above, which can be found right here. Then there's something bigger we can do: Class Presentations

With class presentations you have the whole class' full attention for a moment, you can pass around an email sign-up sheet throughout the class, and it can be to any class! So here's your challenge...

The key metric is how many emails you can get from Class Presentations, Boothing, and Friends, and you can win up to $50

If you collect 40 emails, you win $10 (this only takes about 2 class presentations!)

If you collect 80 emails, you win $20 (this takes about 5 class presentations)

And whoever collects the most emails out of everyone wins $50

Chris and Sai will track everyone's progress. Because of our timeline, if you want to participate in this challenge, schedule your class presentations TODAY and tell Chris or Sai when you can booth next week!

It's easy money, come and get it~