Ugly Door Logo Design

Criterion A: Inquirying and Analysing


The cause of this project is to create a logo for the the boring design door, that is a blue grey color. We are changing the design door so that it can be eye catching so when students walk in it won't just be a boring color it would be fun and interesting, which can help students get inspiration and be energetic to design. This can also help the students and teacher find the class.

Research Question

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Research questions: Answers

1. What makes a Logo eye catching?
Color that are bright so that it would be eye catching, the logo must also be big enough to be notice in front of the big door

2. What makes a good logo?
Ms. Guylaine: A good logo must be eye catching and simple but simple must not be boring, fancy or fun.
Ms. Deborah: Something that is simple with a limited amount of colors.

3. What kind of logo is related to Design?
Ms. Guylaine: Something that make us realize that is we are thinkers and open minded in the room and something with our hand because we creating things with our hands.
Ms. Deborah: Something that is modern and interesting.

4. How does having a logo affect the door?
A logo can help people who walk by notice that this is not a library anymore it's a creative place where you will be using your imagination to create and most of all Design.

5. Where should the logo be place that will easily be seen?
Ms.Guylaine: We should put on the wall next to the door since that's where she notice the most and that the wall is very boring and gray, so she want something more pop and fun.
Ms. Deborah: On the door or on top of the door.

Inspiration board

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Evaluate examples

Design Brief

My Design client is Ms. Guylaine and Ms. Deborah,for my design door logo I would create something simple but still shows the essence of Creativity and fun that shows what the design space is all about (Creativity, open minded, others) with pops of color that will be eye catching to the people walking by. I am incorporating this into my design because, so when people walk into the room they would know that to expect and what to do, to show them that coming into the Design room, they should be open minded, colorful and fun, and that they should enjoy the space. This connects to my design research because I incorporate what Ms.Guylaine and Ms.Deborah want on their Design space door or wall, Ms.Guylaine requested that the design logo should be simple but not boring with pops of colors, with something that make people who walk into the room realize that this is an open place that is creative, where as Ms. Debeorah requested that there should be limited colors, with modernness. So I combine all of this Idea and integrate them, In finality I would do something simple with pops of color but the color would still be limited which means that there would not be to many color but still enough to be fun and show the essence of what Design class is all about with modernness. I am going to make this type of theme because It goes well with what design class is about, the modernness the fun and creativity.

CRITERION B: Developing Designs

Design specification

  1. Colorful
  2. Simple
  3. Related to Design
  4. modernness
  5. Easy to see
  6. Clear
  7. Include slogan
  8. Include some of Nord Anglia colors in the design.
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For my final choice I pick design #1 because I have asked my friends and teachers, which one they like most and I found out that design #1 was the choice. Design #1 is also eye catching with a slogan that can motivate students who is coming into the design space/studio. Not only that it meets most of my design specification accept from one which is ' Include some of Nord Anglia colors in the design', I will change this by changing some colors to the Nord Anglia color so that It will meet all of my design specification.

Criterion C: Creating a solution


  • A camera (phone camera)
  • Adobe Illustrator

Plan for final design

1. Take a picture of my design
2. Send my design through email to my laptop
3. Save my design onto my laptop
4. Open adobe illustrator
5. Put my design into it
6. Trace over my design using the tools
7. find Nord Anglia color palette
8. add colors
9. continue this until I finish my design

My design process

For my design I had ms.Guylaine do the design as it was complicated and my computer doesn't have illustrator, for this reason I do not have the full process of the design but I do have the start so here is a little video.
Design process

My final design

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Changes from original design

Not much changed from my design and my final design though things might be shifted a bit because of the difficulty of creating the design and my design might be wiggly with no alignment and the leter D in 'Design' is also change because It fit in with the logo more using the D in ' Studio'. The color might not be the same , I have stated that I have used some Nord Anglia colors in my final design which is seen in my design I also change some color so that it can fit with my design.

Criterion D: evaluating the solution


Write yes or No
  1. Colorful-
  2. Simple-
  3. Related to Design-
  4. modernness-
  5. Easy to see-
  6. Clear -
  7. Include slogan-
  8. Include some of Nord Anglia colors in the design-

Comments your like's and Dislikes:

friends evaluation conclusion

  1. Colorful- yes
  2. Simple- yes
  3. Related to Design- yes
  4. modernness- yes
  5. Easy to see- yes
  6. Clear- yes
  7. Include slogan- yes
  8. Include some of Nord Anglia colors in the design- yes

The design shows creativity which is great, for, that's what "Design" is suppose to be. It's really attractive to eyes and it also shows the color of Nord Anglia, creating connection with the school. Fun colors are being used in the design making it interesting to look at.

- Boribo eat

Too much colors, and nice design

- Monytep

Self evaultion

  1. Colorful- yes
  2. Simple- yes
  3. Related to Design- yes
  4. modernness- yes
  5. Easy to see- yes
  6. Clear- yes
  7. Include slogan- yes
  8. Include some of Nord Anglia colors in the design- yes


  1. Too many colors- By doing this it would be less stressful to the eye
  2. Too simple- By making it more interesting people would notice it more
  3. the font is too small- By enlarging it it would be easier to find and notice
  4. Hard to see the letters- Make the letter clear and easy too read

Positive Impression

My design have the aspect of color and modernness inside my design it also have a slogan that make student who come through the door more inspired and willing to share their creativity and make your creativity come true.


As for my criteria I had upload them onto managebac as smore doesn't allow me to upload it here.