By: Ben Wright


"Whack!" as you swing your driver and it meet's your golf club meets your ball. It land's perfectly in the hole. "Yes!" you scream in happiness. Do you know what golf is? Then you've come to the right book.


The longest hit in golf history was a million miles? well it was a russian astronaut. I bet it was in space but it never said so.

The Green Green

Walking to the green you can talk with your family or friends. While you're walking you can learn more about Golf family or friends. That means that you've earned a brain cell which mean's you've just earned one! Every time you learn something new you earn a brain cell. ok now back to the point! sometimes i like to play for fun, that's the good thing. you can just play whenever, wherever. Even without a lesson! i think that's nice. the only bad part is rain. because if you go and your lucky it will be muddy... really muddy.

I't may be fun, but there are still rules

In my opinion, the rules are easy to remember they are basically simple steps to become a pro. so the easy and simple rules! 1: don't run on the green; 2:play your ball from where it landed ;3: try not to get your ball in the rough; 4: don't jump in the water; (or you will get kicked off the course) so those are some of the most important rules in golf.

not so fun parts of golf

do you want to know more about getting hit in the back with a driver? I know what it feel's like! It hurts badly. Ok now back to not so fun parts of golf. has your driver head ever come off your driver head when you were swinging? it looks funny and probably feels funny to.
so now my other part of this paragraph. you have to wait for the person in front if you to hit or you can risk hitting them. if you hi it in the water you have to get a new ball.

good bye, I have some golf to do

so there you go! its all there! the Green Green, It may be fun but there are still rules, and not so fun parts of golf. Now you know what to do and what not to do. "i recommend going golfing." says Ben "It is an extraordinary game."