Bitter Sweet

By Natasha C

What do you have in your pantry? Perhaps tomato or barbeque sauce? But did you know that almost everytthing has sugar? Things such as pasta sauce or any type of sauce contains sugar. Sugar is a carbohydrate. It acts like a preservative e.g meats. In the 1970's there was a rise in obesity and more and more people got diabetes.

People blamed the amount of sugar that was placed in the products. Study shows that products with full fat tend to have less sugar in them however the products with less fat have almost double the sugar. Scientists reccomend that a child should have two tea spoons of sugar a day. Despite this a can of soda contains at least 5 times the amount.

Some people want sugar to be taxed just as tobacco is. But the sugar companies argue that there is no scientific evidence for this. What do you think? Do you think sugar should be taxed?