Atherstone Being Updated?

The technology in Atherstone may be upgrading soon ...

What could be happening.

  • Better computer programming, (IT)
  • DNA profile centre, (Biology)
  • An observatory maybe? (Physics, Maths)
  • A cement works, (Chemistry)
  • Mini TV studio, (Drama, Media, Electronics, Art even!)
  • Seismograph, (Geography)
  • Interactive educational videos, (Languages)

All of them would help specific subjects, wouldn't this be fun?

What would you like to see?

What new technologies would you like to see here?

What subjects would you like the equipment at school improved for?

How could this technology benefit us all?

There's more!

What else could help with our education?

Well, there are many things such as more computers, televisions and even tablets!

These would benefit our education greatly. In science, we would be able to do more experiments and use self found data. In media, it would be a lot easier to create your own productions and in geography you would be able to find out how powerful a shock has to be to create a certain sized earthquake!