4th Grade News

News for the week of September 10th - 14th

News announcements!

  • Paragon Night is Tuesday September 18th
5:30 PST (For AZ/CA students)
6:30PM MST (CO Students)

  • Clubs will begin soon, further announcements to come!
  • Help Discussion Forum - Now Open! Do you have a question? Maybe a classmate can help! Go to the help discussion forum and post your question or help someone that has a question. Maybe you have some tips to share about having a successful school day.
  • UBoost If you have been completing your work, and attending live collaborate classes each week, you have UBoost points to spend! Log into UBoost to see your earned points.
  • (Your UBoost username and password is the same as your D2L login).

Save the date!

Mercury Student Series Meeting Thursday September 27th

Meeting Time:

8:30 Eastern Time

6:30 Mountain Time

5:30 Pacific Time

Where: http://tinyurl.com/jfloydoffice