Internet Safety

Be safe on the internet

Never give any of your information out online

Don't give out important information such as:
Your address. Don't give out your address because you never know when a creepy old dude wearing speedos in his mom's basement is actually your best internet friend.

Your full name. Someone could find you on facebook or other sites, and ask your friends or even you were you live, saying he wants to 'hang out' with you.
A picture of a uniform or other required outfit. This can reveal things like where you go to school, where you live, or even what things you enjoy. Ex: You post a picture of you with your favorite band's t-shirt. The old dude in speedos knows what concerts to look for now.
Your age. Know the old dude knows what age groups to look in.
Your phone number. You never know, the old dude could be some super hacker and trace your phone down.

Only 'add' your friends, family, and in general people you know.

If the old dude sends you a friend request on a website, with his picture looking all like a ripped J.b., and his names "Swagget McSwaggetons", don't add him if you don't actually know this person in real life... (Which is highly unlikely someone would be named Swagget).

Pictures, and stuff.

Asked questions?

Should I date online? No.
If I got an email saying "I will hurt you", should I block him or just de-friend him? Both, so he can't contact you furthermore. You should probably.

Don't give out ANY info.

(All of these links are fake, except for Website link... Its also not mine.)