Arianna Caldwell

About Me


Music is a huge part of my life. This is my second year being in the choral program here at the high school. I love to sing, and also like to learn things about music. Last year I also took Music Theory and wrote my own composition. It is a huge stress reliever. I listen to all types of music and also play the drums


I love to travel. Over the summer I went on a cruise to Half Moon Cay and Nassau, Bahamas. While there I snorkeled and went kayaking. It was so much fun to try new and different things. This was my first experience on a cruise and I would like to go on many more. Hopefully my next cruise will be a cruise to Alaska. In the last three years I have been to Georgia, Florida, New York, and South Carolina.


I enjoy science because there is constantly something new to learn in the world of science. Scientists continually find new and interesting discoveries. These discoveries help to make our lives easier or just to help us understand more things in our world. I have always enjoyed science, but last year in chemistry is when I started to take an interest in it. Mr. Shoe did have a part in this. Our class would read an article every wk about new things that scientists had discovered or would watch videos that would inform us of things we never knew about before. Every week we would have a research paper where we would have a topic to research and would have to research that topic and explain what we had found. On Fridays we would then talk about as a class what we had found. Most of the topics related back to what we had learned in the past week. Other times the topic would just be something fun that we all enjoyed discovering about. Science helps us to understand how things work and can make our lives easier. It is always interesting and fun to learn about something you might not have known before.