Nothing is impossible...

...on Planet Spurgeon (or Room D4)!!! :D

This week in Review

This week we learned how to be a good reading citizen when we practiced "Read to Someone!" When we "read to someone" we get started reading RIGHT AWAY to get into our flow. That means we are so immersed in our story, we jump into the adventure!

We should be picking partners who can help us be better readers AND who we can help be better readers. Next week we will practice "reading to someone" at Chateau de Boise, a community retirement center close to Koelsch!!!

We continued to focus on "marking the text." It is a reading strategy that helps us better understand and remember what we have read. We also discussed elements of a story by viewing Lost in Space. We will practice using this skill more next week with a story book.

In math we started MULTIPLICATION!!! IT IS SOOOOO EASY AND FUN! We are super mathematicians. We continued to build numbers to the hundreds place. Then, we compared the values to see which was greater and which was less. We placed numbers on a number line! It was hard for us to be accurate...but we will keep trying next week and turn it into an opportunity to keep learning!!! :D

We had an awesome week, we talked about how nothing impossible, how using kind and true words can change the world, and to not only be respectful to others, but also to ourselves. We need to speak to ourselves the way we would like to be treated by others. If we wouldn't say, "You're not a good reader," to a friend, then we definitely shouldn't be saying it to ourselves.

Finally, when we want to the least, it is most important to take three deep breaths.

Read to the Retired Residents!!!

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 12:45pm

7250 Poplar Street

Boise, ID

We will walk to Chateau de Boise and read to the residents! We will discuss the story elements with them, also. Please come walk and read with us if you would like! MORE INFORMATION COMING HOME ON MONDAY!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Community Circle Quotes

Upcoming Events

Picture day is scheduled for September 27th. I signed up for the kids to be the first to go at 8:45am!

The author of the Oracle book series is coming to speak to the kids September 30th! If you would like, you can pre-order a book, but buying a book is not necessary in anyway! He comes to talk to the kids about the importance of writing and being an author.

Our first monthly reading party will be on September 30th. The kids will certainly be upset if they don't get their whole "owl reading chart" filled in (it is the thing that's attached to their agenda calendar)!!! Please help them be responsible for reading for 25 minutes and getting their agenda signed every night!