America, are you proud or ashamed?

By: Haley Sikes


U.S. becomes a world power during WWI. This was a positive effect to America. This helped them not only economically, but also helped open relations with other countries. This lead to the U.S. being able to have advancements in technology, because they have access to more countries.
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Industrialization greatly effected the economy, especially by creating job opportunities. This had a positive impact upon the lower classes of society. Many factories were created to help jobs be made in urban areas.
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Industrialization- Cultural

With the creation of new inventions, the lives of the citizens are greatly improved. This was a big positive impact in America. For example, the invention of the dishwasher not only improved the lives of American citizens, but also helped revolutionize how things were made in the future. This product, patented by Joel Houghton helped inspire other more helpful products that benefited America.
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The Chinese Exclusion Act had a negative effect on America. This act banned the immigration Chinese laborers in the U.S. This was negative because it promoted the ostracization of the Chinese in America. This caused many American citizens to project racism towards the Chinese.
Chinese Exclusion Act


Immigrants often worked at factories in America. This helped the factories because of they high job demand and desire for cheap labor, which immigrants fulfilled. As more and more people began to work in factories, the factories gained money from all the cheap labor, which greatly helped the economy.
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As more immigrants traveled to America, towns of cultures began to form in urban areas. These towns, such as chinatown or little Italy, were a result of immigrants who refused to assimilate to American culture. These immigrants stayed with friends and family, as well as people who spoke the same language as them, in order to keep their traditions alive. This had both a negative and positive impact to the U.S. It does not follow the "American way" of life, however it does promote the upkeep of other cultures in our society.
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When it comes to urbanization, most of the problems are social, but eventually develop into more political problems. However, one of the benefits of urbanization was the new technologies in transportation. Starting with the issue of over congested areas, many people needed a new way to get to and from work or school. New roads were formed and public transportation became more popular.
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Tenement housing greatly effected the urban life of the U.S. This type of housing was created to help accommodate citizens who could not pay for better housing. However, this type of housing was fairly dangerous because of its conditions. These houses were very crowded and often spread disease amongst members of the household. This definitely negatively effected America.
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The shirtwaist strike was something that positively effected American society during the period of urbanization. This strike was was a riot among workers because of poor working conditions. This was positive because it brought many
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The direct election of senators was a positive influence on American society. This meant that senators would be elected by the state legislature. This act gave more power to the people and helped them be more involved in the government. Overall this was one of the greatest things to come out of American History.
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A negative aspect to progressivism would be the captains of industry. These were business owners who formed monopolies to drive out competitors in order to control a certain field. They not only limited the peoples abilities to choose what business to use, they also persuaded the government unfairly. They often supported government officials who would help them take control of their work, and bribed those who would not comply. These were negative because it did not give people the choice of businesses and it supported unfair government practices.
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One of the best things progressivism brought to America are progressive movements, such as the suffrage movement. Although some would argue these movements were mostly political, they changed major social aspects of life in the U.S. as well. Suffrage movements were a very positive thing because it helped bring equality to all citizens of America and helped show that the U.S. was still fighting for all to be free. This changed the course of society and life today and protected the rights of the citizens.
School House Rock - Sufferin Till Suffrage


A big influence on imperialism in America was the decision to start to take over new land that would be beneficial to the states. One of the best plots of land taken over by America was the Panama Canal. After the U.S. helped Panama gain their independence,it was easy for America to ask for that area in return. It also greatly helped the U.S. import warships from anywhere in the world. This was a very positive thing for America, as it helped establish a connection with other countries and give us a good plot of land at the same time.
Centennial Milestone: Construction and opening of the Panama Canal (1903 - 1914)


The U.S. taking over Hawaii is a good example of economic effects of imperialism. America wanted Hawaii for their goods and their trade partners as well as their naval bases. Even though it seemed like a peaceful country was being taken without warning, I do believe it was still beneficial to America. It helped expand the countries borders while including a nice area of land, such as Hawaii.
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A negative aspect of imperialism was when the U.S. tried to take over the Philippines. This caused a lot of social distress between the two countries and angered ht Philippines. It was a huge battle between the two before they stopped fighting in 1902. The U.S. did not have the right to take over the Philippines which is why it ended so badly.
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World War I-Political

Joining WWI was a big decision for America, that eventually payed off. Although we lost many lives with this war, it helped so many other countries. Our participation in this war also helped the U.S. become a major world power. I almost wish that the U.S. had joined the war earlier, as it would've helped save many more countries from loosing their freedoms. Overall, entering WWI was a positive decision on Americas part.
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World War I-Economic

In the U.S. there was very little economic consequences in WWI. Because we were so late to join, we did not end up using as much money as other countries at this time. This was positive because it helped America, even during the war, that there was money to fund everything. While we did loose some funds to the war, it was great that we did not loose it all, especially with the stock market crash coming up in the 1920's.
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World War I-Social

During WWI women became more prevalent workers in society. Many wives stepped into jobs that their husbands would have done, all while still supporting the soldiers on the front. Many women were given the opportunity to do male-dominant jobs, because of the lack of males. This was positive because it gave equal opportunities to all american citizens despite sex.
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