Job Overview

My company is looking for a full time employee who is both responsible and on time; Employee has to also be kind, and friendly. The Employee is going to be interacting and communicating a lot with other people; and they must be good at communicating and must be good with people and a problem solver. They will also be using the cash register a lot, so they have to be moderately good at math, and also be able to use and fix technology.

Behavior And Time

Employee has to be there on time, from 9 AM to 5 PM. Full time. Has to be good with people, kind and friendly to others. Has to be able to face his mistakes and learn from them. Employee should be able to learn, and to get good grades. Employee must be willing to work, no matte what. Should be able to fix an issue between other costumers.


The keyword on this job is responsibility and respect; In this job you would have to be very responsible for your actions and very good at being respectful to others, and to his/her coworkers.

Job Requirements

  • Good Grades
  • Responsible for Work
  • Good with Math
  • Friendly
  • Always There In Time
  • Respectful