Updates and Reminders

October 17, 2016

"Early Graduates"

Correction to information shared:

Regarding use of IGC for students and the "early graduation" element:

From TEA:

The statement specifies that the student must be “classified as a 12 grade student,” regardless of how many years the student has been enrolled in high school. Provided all the requirements stated are true for a student who has only completed three years of high school, the student is eligible for IGC review. A student enrolled in any other grade, such as 11th grade, may not qualify to graduate based on an IGC determination before the student's 12th grade year.

Just remember the Sept 1, 2017 deadline where all IGC graduates must be coded as graduates. Also remember that ARDCs may serve as the IGC and if so, their decision would not affect an IGC student's diploma level.

Please contact Denise Bell at dbell@esc12.net with any questions or concerns.

Legal Framework Deadlines and Updates

  • The Side by Side was recently thoroughly updated. It is more current and user-friendly.

Please remember!

  • By October 31, 2016 all LEAs must update the Transition Employment Designee contact information and the Transition Employment Guide link in the Legal Framework system.
  • New policies should also be linked or uploaded by all charters and LEAs by this date as well.

For individualized support, please contact Mickey Edwards at medwards@esc12.net

MOE Revised Calculation Tools

The Calculation Tools referenced in the TETN can be accessed on the ESC Region 12 website on the Special Education Services Page under SPED Directors Meeting Links and Resources HERE

We will add the power point presentation to this folder when it is posted on the TEA website.

RF Tracker Data Collection for LEAs with Residential Care and Treatment Facilities within their Geographic Boundaries/Jurisdiction

The RF Tracker data collection system is now open for 2016-2017 data entry.

For more information, please see the To the Administrator Addressed letter addressing this subject.

For individualized support, please contact Chris Griffin at cgriffin@esc12.net or Mickey Edwards at medwards@esc12.net.

STAAR Alternate 2 Spring 2017 Essence Statements are Posted

The Essence Statements for the Spring 2017 STAAR Alternate 2 administration have been posted at: http://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/special-ed/staaralt/essence/

For questions on STAAR Alternate 2, please contact the TEA Resources page at

http://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/special-ed/staaralt/ or Angela Cowan at acowan@esc12.net

Performance Based Monitoring Reports

The 2016 Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS) state and region reports are available at the following links:

Texas Education Agency - PBMAS State Reports

Texas Education Agency - PBMAS Region Reports

Contact Information
Performance-Based Monitoring
(512) 936-6426 or

For individualized support, please contact Chris Griffin

Upcoming Sessions

TETN : "Revised IDEA-B LEA Maintenance of Effort Calculation Tool" Register for Session # 111767 Please note that this is a repeated session from the TETN on October 13.

TETN: Student Assessment: "2017 STAAR Accommodations TETN"

Register for Session # 105880

Free Session Opportunity:

This Thursday we are hosting a free session to share about a tool being used on campuses across the nation to measure student cognitive engagement. The Instructional Practices Inventory is a tool created by Dr. Jerry Valentine that collects data aligned to cognitive engagement and uses this data to drive instructional improvement. One administrator per district can attend this FREE awareness session: Profiling Engaged Learning: Using Data for Changing Instruction and Achievement.

Register for Session #89807