A Southern Charm Move

From Facebook to The Merch Perch.....Exciting things ahead!

Moving to the Merch Perch

It's been way too long since my last newsletter, but start expecting to receive them weekly. As you all have heard, chloe + isabel has built a custom community platform for merchandisers to use to interact with one another and for MMs to use to interact with our teams! I am so excited about The Merch Perch and all it has to offer. You will be able to search for specific topics, access jewelry lifestyle pictures, post directly to Care, interact in ways that many of us never dreamed would be possible. With this though, our Facebook team page will be closing on Sunday evening. The Merch Perch just is going to offer our team so many more perks that were never able to be achieved on Facebook. So, I ask that you throw yourself ALL IN to the Merch Perch in the next few days, poke around, and learn all about this awesome new community. As merchandisers start the transition over, I would love for us to be leaders in the community and really putting ourselves out there to interact!

October Team Goals

Here are our team goals for this month:

$10K in sales

50% engagement

This means that we need 25 team members to make a sale this month! Who's in?! I have a super special secret surprise (hint hint new business supplies are coming soon-ish!) for one lucky person who makes a sale this month.....but if we hit BOTH of our goals I will be upping the ante for an even greater prize or two!