How to become a Soccer player

Article written by Julisa Bucio


Have you ever wondered how it would be like to be a professional soccer player? Before being a professional soccer player you need to know the rules of soccer. The rules of soccer are easy to remember but some are very little things but they are the most important ones. The very first rules you need to know are, no hands, only goalies can touch the ball with their hands. Other rules are when playing soccer and goalie has the ball with his hands or feet you can not touch the goalie. When you are forward and above defense and a teammate is behind defense and passes to you is called off-sides. They will mark that and the other team gets the ball, most of the time only the goalies kick it. They are many more rules you will have to learn as you grow up and get more into the sport.

What's a good age to start playing soccer?

A good age to start playing soccer is when you are 4 years old. But any age from 4 to 12 would be the best age to start playing soccer if you are going to want to be a professional soccer player. The only problem of starting young is learning how to share the ball. When you refuse to pass the ball to a teammate and decide to try to take everyone in the opposite team that is called a ball jogger. No one likes to be a ball jogger and most importantly no one likes a ball jogger so it’s very important to learn to

share the ball and pass it to your teammates. If you are from ages 12 to 18 you should

have a healthy diet and have a and good workout. Do some things you think a professional player would do. Don;t stress yourself out just yet. You still have enough time to keep practicing.

Day to Day in the life of a soccer player

Day to Day Life of a professional soccer player isn’t as easy as you think it is. It’s a lot more harder, you have practice mostly everyday. It’s also very dangerous many accidents can happen. Not too long ago there was a guy in the team Honduras who broke his leg during the match of Honduras Vs Mexico. Luis Garrido, he broke his leg on November 17 2015. It is very dangerous to try to get the ball you might attack in the worst possible way and get injured really bad. It not easy to recover but you always have to try your hardest to be the best you can ever be. There is many common and some rare injuries that can happen while playing or even practicing soccer.
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Professional in the field

A professional in the field that I have interviewed is Luis Ortega. He has answered some of my questions. Some questions Luis answered are What inspired you to play Soccer? His response was “ kid’s played soccer during recess and watching them and playing with them got me inspired” he was inspired in a very young age. Luis said “I started playing around the age of 4” which is the best age to start playing. I then asked him what was the best advice he’s ever been given? “‘Find a spot you want to play’ meaning be good at the position you’re paying”. His biggest accomplishment was “playing in the semi-pro in 1st division. His biggest inspiration to being able to get that far was Ronaldinho(rah-nal-deen-noe). Ronaldinho was a soccer legend along with many other soccer players. You might be thinking everything went great for him but he has had some challenges that he has had to face. One question I asked him was What is your biggest challenge, and how do you do to manage this challenge? his response was “Being shorter in height compared to others, I overcome it by not letting it get to and just being confident in what I do” Luis was very kind and answered these questions. Being a professional isn’t easy there's always challenges you will have to face.


So being a professional isn’t always easy. You will have challenges to face and sometimes you will fall down but you will always have to keep trying. You might miss, but you always have to give it a shot.
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