Mesa Verde

Travel guide by Eleah Brewster and Baylee Garlett


Mesa Verde is in Colorado's national park. It is close to the Ute Mountain Reservation in Towaoc, Colorado. The address to the park is Mile 7 Headquarters Loop Road Mesa Verde National Park, CO 81330. First you will want to go to the Mesa Verde Visitor and Research Center to get your tickets. Annual passes cost $30, summer passes cost $8 per person. Winter passes are $5 per person. Parking passes are $15 in the summer, and $10 in the winter.

What you will need:

for this exciting trip you will need to bring: a map, your Reservation confirmation paperwork and ID, lot of water, sunscreen (if you plan on visiting during the summer), bug spray, a hat and sunglasses, seasonal clothing- bring extra layers on cool nights, hiking boots (make sure they are extra sturdy), flashlight, extra batteries, binoculars, camera (optional), and Journal (optional). All of these items will ensure a fun and exciting trip at Mesa Verde.

Mesa Verde Venues

The Spruce Tree House

The Spruce Tree House is the third largest Cliff Dwelling in the park. Usually, you may tour the tree house, a large boulder fell through the houses. It is now closed due to safety precautions.
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Safety Issues

All of the other areas are open to tour. There may be extenuating circumstances like weather or other safety hazards. Safety hazards may include: loose rock or boulders, bacteria that may lead to disease, or deadly insect infestation.

Where do I stay? Are there any places to eat around here?

If you don't want to spend all of your money on a hotel, there are camp and RV grounds for $20. It will give you a good experience in the wilderness. There is a grocery store, gas station, gift shop, laundry mat, and shower station. There are three restaurants to choose from: Far View Terrace restaurant, Spruce Tree Terrace cafe, and Me Tate Room restaurant.