Charlestown School Updates

For members of our learning community - Nov. 13th, 2015

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Conference Days will be held on December 7th and 8th from 12:30-7:00 pm. Please return conference forms to us by November 17th. We will try to coordinate times if your child has siblings in our school. Please also indicate if you would like to meet with other teachers.

We welcome to our school family, Andrew Christopher Fasula. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Fasula!

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Information from PTO regarding PTO Student Directory

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The PTO has 2 options available to those who would like to participate in the Charlestown School Directory this year. Please either fill out the attached document and return it to the school by November 20th or follow the link below and fill out our on-line form.

The CHARLESTOWN SCHOOL DIRECTORY is an effort by the Charlestown School PTO to providecontact information to the students and parents of our school. Being listed in the directory is completely voluntary and is only intended to help strengthen our school community. Submitting your information, however, does grant the Charlestown School PTO permission to publish this data for student, parent, and school use. Please provide ONLY the information you wish to have included in the school directory. This information will not be copied, sold, or distributed for any other reason. Use of this directory for commercial, political, or other purposes is strictly prohibited. (Only participants will receive a copy of the directory).

To fill out the form on-line, please follow the link below:

Parent Drop Off Reminders

Please remember that if you drive your child to school, you must drop them off behind the school at the cafeteria door. The bus drivers are reporting concerns about parents who having their child walk in-between the buses while they are dropping off students at the front door. This is very unsafe as the drivers aren't expecting students to be walking in front of or behind their buses.

Please help us to keep all students safe. Drop off is not allowed out front unless you are bringing your child in late. If so, please walk them into the school and sign them in at the office.

Comprehensive Assessment System Policy

Recently, the School Committee adopted a new policy aligned with our Comprehensive Assessment System. The policy details the use of assessments in the instructional cycle. It also speaks to the need to minimize and strategically use assessment results. Finally, the policy communicates the expectation that all students participate in all assessments (including state assessments - Grade 3 and 4 PARCC and Gr. 4 Science NECAP), unless a medical waiver has been obtained. You will find the policy at

Spring 2015 P.A.R.C.C. Results

This week the Spring 2015 PARCC results were released for review at the district level. I have learned more about the scores while attending meetings with the Commissioner and representatives from the Rhode Island Department of Education.

State, district and school scores will be released to the public on November 17th. Individual student reports will be mailed to us in early December. The reports will be sent home with each 4th grader for parent review.

The PARCC Assessment for Spring 2016 has been shortened and will only include one testing window in April-May.

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Harvest Food Drive - November 2-20

Thank you for your donations. We continue to collect non-perishable food items that we donate to local families in need. We appreciate your donations and hope to continue our tradition of donating food to support local families, especially in advance of the upcoming holidays.

Thank you for your donations!!!

You can follow me on Twitter - @jenpooreri

Our school is LATEX and MINT FREE due to allergies!

Please do not bring the following items into our school due to serious allergies:

Latex balloons, rubber balls, any products containing natural rubber, mint gum/candy

Upcoming Events:

Thurs. Nov. 19th - Early Release Day - 1:55 pm dismissal

Thurs. Nov. 26th - No School - Thanksgiving

Fri. Nov. 27th - No School

Fri. Dec. 4th - Report Cards Issued

Mon. Dec. 7th - Parent conferences 12:30-7:00 NO SCHOOL

Tues. Dec. 8th - Parent conferences 12:30-7:00 NO SCHOOL

To view the school calendar: