dig for ancient stones, shells and more

what is archaeology?

Archaeology, is the study of human activity in the past or data that has been left behind by past human populations, which includes artifacts, architecture, biofacts (also known as eco-facts) and cultural landscapes

history of archaeology

the word archaeology comes from the Greek word "arkhaios" which means "ancient". people have dug up monuments and collected artifacts for thousands of years. often these people were not scholars, but looters and grave robbers looking to make money or build up their personal collections. grave robbing was such a common crime in the ancient Egypt. they do it to sell for millions or keep as an artifact and get known for the man/women who found such amazments.

Pharoah Ramses I

in Egypt in the mid 1800s, an Egyptian man searching for a lost goat stumbled across the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses I. Ramses ruled for a short time in the 1290s BCE. Besides the body of the pharaoh, the tomb held artifacts such as pottery, paintings, and sculptures . the man sold the mummies and the artifacts to anyone who would pay. The mummy of Ramses wound up in Niagara Falls here in Ontario! Then in 1999 the museum closed. Canadians then sold the Egyptian collection to the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2003 Ramses returned to Egypt.

types of archaeologists

there are many types of archaeologists like the prehistorical archaeologists, historical archaeologists, underwater archaeologists maritime archaeologists. and cultural resource management archaeologists.

my passion

my passion is archaeology and it will be for who knows how long I hope you enjoyed my presentation and I hope you know a little about how archaeologists do it and one more thing archaeology is like a jigsaw puzzle except you cant cheat by looking at the box and not all the pieces are there.