Student IFCO Meeting!

Every Tuesday at 12pm in Room 161

This week's guest speakers...

Dr. Noah Kaplan

Dr. Noah Kaplan will be sharing about that something we all want to know, THE TRANSITION FROM STUDENT TO D.C., "The Light at the End of the Tunnel." Dr. Kaplan started off as an independent contractor at Dr. Ian's practice and has now transitioned to opening his own practice in Walnut Creek, Ca.

Also joining us...


Please go to and become a student member!! Cost is only $50 for you entire time as a student and free for your 1st year in practice!! It's important that we support the organizations that support us. If you dig principled subluxation based chiropractic, the IFCO is for you.

If you have already become a member please post a comment to this flier to let me know. We are setting a goal to reach 50 Plus student members this quarter! It's the numbers that matter when dealing with legislation, state boards, etc...

We're taking over, get used to it :)