Spreadsheet Project

Create a Spreadsheet

1. Collect Data

Go to http://www.nba.com. Go to "Players". Pick a professional basketball player and look at "Game Logs" to find the minutes played and points for the last 7 games that they played.

2. Enter Data Into Spreadsheet

Create a new Google spreadsheet. Create a title, column and row titles.

Enter the data into the appropriate cells.

3. Enter Formulas

Enter a formula under the minutes played column to find the average number of minutes played in the last 7 games.

Copy and paste this formula to calculate the average number of points earned in the last 7 games.

4. Create a Bar Graph

Use the graphs and charts tool to create a bar graph that displays the number of minutes and points in each of the last 7 games.

5. Turn In

In your spreadsheet, click the blue "Share" button. Share it with adueck@seminole.k12.tx.us

Congratulations! You are done your spreadsheet! Don't you feel smart??!